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ALLVAC is ISO 50001 certified and pursues systematic energy management

Due to the fact that the production of ALLVAC’s barrier films is particularly energy-intensive, we place great emphasis on efficiency in our processes. Using ISO 50001, we were able to establish a comprehensive management system. The worldwide valid standard of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) supports organizations and companies in creating systematic energy management. In principle, the introduction of an energy management system is voluntary; there is no legal obligation to obtain certification. In tandem with increased energy efficiency, the aim is to reduce CO2 emissions and other environmental impacts, whereby the energy management system contributes significantly to environmental and climate protection.

ISO 50001 – systematically energy efficient

Systematic energy management initially records the energy flows in a company (energy sources, energy use, energy consumers) and evaluates the status of energy efficiency, in particular with regard to facilities and production processes. This will provide the basis for technical improvements as well as an optimization of strategic and organizational management. The purpose of ISO 50001 is to systematically improve energy-related performance in the long term. Within the framework of ISO 50001, we compile and analyse statistics on electricity consumption as part of our monthly energy monitoring. In doing so, we focus on individual energy flows of our main consumers and can thereby systematically identify alterations, react to them in a targeted manner and implement optimizations.  

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