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Numerous applications are possible with PA/PE barrier films from ALLVAC

Food and non-food products are the two large fields of application for ALLVAC composite films. Safety and optimum shelf life are top priorities for applications in the food industry. Manufacturers of non-food products value our films for their ability not only to protect the products, but also to package them efficiently for transport. Our flexible, high-performance PA/PE barrier films offer the best prerequisites to package challenging products such as pointed bones or sharp-edged items, e. g. screws.

They are equally suitable for classic applications such as pasteurisation, sterilization, freezing and cooking - including the Sous-Vide method. The result is always increased shelf life and an optimal consumer experience at the end of the value chain.

Applications for non-food products:

ALLVAC barrier films are applied wherever special protection or a barrier against gases and moisture is required. For this reason, many medical technology companies are among our customers who want to provide their sensitive products with reliable protection. In industry, numerous manufacturers of electronics or machine components count on our top-quality composite films.

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