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Numerous functions distinguish ALLVAC films

ALLVAC specialises in the production of PA/PE composite films combining a large variety of functions. The classic application of our films is on a thermoforming packaging machine. Fresh meat, meat products, cheese, fish, seafood, but also baked goods and pastries, eggs, tofu and BARF food are among the products packaged with our films.

Thermoformed packaging for numerous products

In general products are packaged to protect and thus to preserve them. To accomplish this, packaging needs to have particular features that allow the preservation of aroma, quality and freshness. Penetration of moisture, oxygen and other external influences must be prevented and the products must be protected from damage during transport. Barrier films from ALLVAC make a significant contribution towards this end by primarily securing food and ensuring its shelf life and thus sustainability. High-quality barrier films are used to produce thermoformed packaging, vacuum bags, packaging for maturing cheese, cooking aids and product fixings to optimise transport. In addition, the composite films also ensure a perfect market appearance by giving the products an ultimate shine at the point of sale.

High gloss is a function in great demand

The flexible, co-extruded PA/PP/PA/PE medium barrier composite films from ALLVAC, for example, offer important functions. In addition to their high transparency, these films are particularly in demand for their outstanding puncture resistance, due to propylene (PP), a thermoplastic, semi-crystalline and non-polar plastic. It has similar properties to polyethylene, but is harder and more heat-resistant. Films including this additive are ideal for extreme thermoforming applications and provide for reliable product protection.

Puncture resistance for more safety

Our flexible, co-extruded PET/PA/PE medium barrier composite films guarantee your products an impressive appearance on retail shelves and counters. Eleven layers of polyamide and polyethylene film are finished with a high-gloss polyester outer layer (PET). The highly transparent film not only ensures optimum product presentation, but also safety, due to its outstanding puncture resistanc

Functions for tasty cooking

Food service, but increasingly private households often use prefabricated food and dishes, which can be prepared quickly, bind almost no manpower and are very tasty. These fast meals are packaged in films, usually bags, which tolerate high temperatures. ALLVAC keeps a variety of film types for cooking in stock. From -40°C to +121°C they tolerate all temperatures without delamination, loss of tightness, flex-cracking or streaking, depending on the type.

High-quality films for vacuum bags

Last but not least, we supply our high-quality PA/PE barrier films AV or allflex B to our sister company ALLFO, but also to other companies specialising in vacuum bag production. The extensive range of different vacuum bags is as multifaceted as the composite films they are based on.

We also create individual solutions in our development department and in-house laboratory in order to provide you with the most suitable film for your vacuum bag production.

High-performance and versatile:

  • Protection of aroma, quality and freshness
  • Protection against moisture, oxygen and other external influences
  • Prevent transport damage
  • Enable optimal brand presentation
  • Suitable for many applications


Do you have questions about the different functions of our bags? We look forward to your call or your mail.