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High-temperature cooking with ALLVAC films

Not only the catering trade, but also private households, are increasingly processing ready-made food and dishes that can be prepared quickly, tie up almost no manpower and taste good. These instant meals are packaged in films, usually in the form of bags, which tolerate high temperatures. ALLVAC keeps a variety of composite films for cooking processes in stock. Depending on the film type, they can withstand temperatures from -40°C to +121°C without delaminating or leaking.


High temperature composite films

The flexible, co-extruded PA/PP medium barrier high temperature composite films from ALLVAC distinguish themselves by a propylene layer specially developed for high temperature applications. The highly transparent films are ideally suitable for high temperature applications such as cooking, pasteurizing, sterilizing and microwave heating. Even after thermoforming processes their extremely high puncture resistance is convincing. This type of film is equally suitable for temperature applications of long durations such as Sous-Vide cooking. Classic applications are the packaging of Tofu, beetroot, potatoes and pre-prepared meals.

The benefits in overview:

  • Designed for pre-prepared food and ready meals
  • Tolerate temperatures from -40°C to +121°C
  • No risk of delamination, loss of tightness or leakage
  • Suitable for cooking, pasteurising, sterilising and microwave heating
  • High puncture resistance


Does your product require an application at high temperatures and do you have questions about our special range of composite films?
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