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ALLVAC serves international markets

Flexible barrier films for thermoforming packaging machines are gaining ground worldwide. Consumers in industrial nations are demanding fewer preservatives and additives, moving rather the preservation of food by means of composite films into focus. The functionality, safety and sustainability of these packaging solutions are increasingly appreciated in emerging markets.

Around the globe

The food industry, in particular, benefits from the performance of composite films, making it the largest and most important market for ALLVAC on an international scale. Meat, sausages, fish, cheese, vegetables and even dates are packaged appetizingly, attractively and functionally all over the world with ALLVAC films. In addition to the continuous development of barrier properties to increase the shelf life of food, this packaging solution also meets the needs of retail supply chains, which are becoming increasingly cross-border. ALLVAC is therefore not only a valued supplier of high-quality PA/PE films in German-speaking countries, but is also enjoying growing popularity around the globe.

Increasing export share

The export share of the company’s turnover is growing continuously and is already at a full 60 percent today. The composite films are supplied worldwide to wholesalers, retail chains or industrial companies. The trend towards internationality led ALLVAC to establish the ALLFO B.V. subsidiary in the Netherlands in 1999. The globally increasing acceptance and recognition as a sustainable packaging solution is leading to growing markets, especially in North and South America, South Africa, the Middle East but also Eastern Europe and Asia. We also benefit from this as we continuously improve the high, certified quality in our production, use excellent raw materials and pursue a sustainable corporate policy.

International trading partners

The close cooperation with internationally positioned manufacturers of packaging machines also promotes our international success. Our local trading partners serve and support our foreign customers.

Their close ties to the company headquarters enable our customers to test their individual packaging solutions in our laboratory and application technology centre. This makes the cooperation with ALLVAC a promising model for international trading partners.

Internationally gaining ground:

  • New markets in emergent countries
  • Over 60% of our products are destined for export
  • High level of expertise in international logistics processes
  • “Save food” has become a major global issue
  • International certifications prove our quality

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