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Non-food products are packaged safely and attractively with films from ALLVAC

ALLVAC barrier films are used wherever flexible vacuum packaging, which also applies to packaging of non-food products, requires special protection or a barrier against gases and moisture. Our customers therefore not only include medical technology companies who want to provide their sensitive products with reliable protection, but also industrial enterprises who use our composite films for packaging bulk materials, electronics or machine components.

Non-food products need protection from mechanical influences

Our various composite films provide stable and puncture-proof protection for transport, due to the PA/PE layers. Vacuuming fixes the items in the package and protects them from mechanical influences. A logistical advantage results from the reduced packaging volume. Even pointed objects can be packaged perfectly with our extremely puncture resistant composite films.

Barrier films reliably prevent the penetration and escape of moisture or unwanted gas exchange, even under extreme conditions. If your packaging is also to have an animating and outstanding appearance at the point of sale, we recommend our highly transparent, glossy composite films. Our product range also includes film types on which we can print your individual advertising message.

Advice on the packaging of non-food products

Our customers benefit from our many years of industry experience and the professional support of our sales staff, who clarify with you at the beginning of the cooperation which industry- and product-specific challenges are to be mastered. Your expectations ultimately define the type of film.

Barrier films from ALLVAC for non-food products

  • Special protection or barrier against gases and moisture
  • For bulk material, electronics or machine components
  • Also applicable with medical technology products
  • Puncture-proof protection during transport
  • Goods firmly fixed in the packaging

Do you have any questions about our packaging solutions in the non-food segment?
We will be pleased to answer them for you. Just give us a call or write to us.


Industry benefits from ALLVAC packaging solutions

Packaging has long ceased to be a product accessory. Rather, the quality of the packaged product stands or falls with it. For this reason, the range of packaging solutions for industrial products is becoming increasingly extensive. The packaging must make a significant contribution to safeguarding the products. This applies to a fixing packaging solution, but also to bulk materials such as screws. Barrier films from ALLVAC meet these complex market requirements and are an important component of integrated packaging concepts.

Packaging concepts for industry

Packaging concepts for industrial products usually require our consulting competence when potential customers contact us with specific packaging issues that need to be solved. Our consulting service begins with listening, so that we can offer a well-founded solution optimally tailored to the needs of our customers. Depending on requirements, an individual solution is also developed in our in-house application technology centre and laboratory and subsequently tested on a thermoforming packaging machine. There is certainly a difference whether fittings are packaged or products made of thermoset plastic (Duroplast).

Various scopes of application

Our comprehensive range of films is the starting point for a wide range of applications. Our customers benefit from an essential component of our corporate philosophy, which supports sustainable production processes by offering appropriate films and is reflected in the orientation of our product portfolio. Thanks to the processing capability of ever thinner materials and the reduction of edge trim and punching waste, the consumption of packaging material can be continuously reduced. This not only protects the environment, but also helps to reduce packaging costs. We also have films made of renewable raw materials in our range that are ideally suited as packaging for industrial products.   

Performance overview:

  • Packaging increases product value
  • Reliable product protection
  • Fixative packaging solution
  • Consulting service always starts listening to our clients
  • Well-founded solution optimally tailored to your requirements

Which product do you intend to package? We would be pleased to advise you and present our packaging solutions for the industry. Just give us a call or write to us.

From the pointed screw to the round grain: Packaging bulk material attractively and safely

Pointed screws, compact nuts, valves, gear wheels or other small parts must fit in precisely, grip, transport or regulate perfectly. All these small components of sophisticated technologies are summarized as bulk materials. Powders and grains are also referred to as bulk materials. What they all have in common is that they require packaging that protects them from external influences, secures them during transport and convinces at the point of sale. Barrier films from ALLVAC meet these requirements and, due to their reliable puncture resistance, are also ideal for particularly pointed objects.

Bulk material in puncture resistant packaging

This is guaranteed, for example, by the flexible, co-extruded PA/PP/PA/PE medium barrier composite film from ALLVAC, which not only secures pointed screws but also convinces with its high transparency, making such products strong sellers. In this case, polypropylene (PP), a thermoplastic, semi-crystalline, non-polar plastic, provides the excellent gloss. It is harder than polyethylene and at the same time more heat-resistant. A further advantage is its extreme thermoforming capability, so that even large quantities of bulk material can be packaged with this film.

Test environment in the application technology centre

Customers who are not sure which film is best for their bulk material can find answers in the company’s in-house application technology centre. There we support our customers on their way to an ideal packaging solution. The test environment, which is optimally rounded off by the performance spectrum of ALLVAC’s laboratory, ranges from the initial idea to the concept and material selection to the technical implementation on a thermoforming packaging machine.

Performance overview:

  • Perfect protection for pointed screws, compact nuts, valves, gears or other small parts
  • Powders and grains are also referred to as bulk material
  • Barrier films from ALLVAC protect against external influences, secure during transport and convince at the point of sale
  • Reliable puncture resistance even for particularly sharp-edged objects
  • High degree of transparency impresses in product sales

Which type of bulk material do you intend to package? We look forward to advising you. Simply give us a call or write to us.

Textiles packaged in ALLVAC barrier films remain clean and dry

Textiles are particularly susceptible to dirt and moisture during transport. Barrier film packaging from ALLVAC perfectly ensures that they reach their destination address hygienically, dry and clean. Thermoformed packaging made of PA/PE composite film guarantees that, for example, surgical gowns can be used immediately without any problems as well as surgical drapes, dressing materials or patient gowns meet the high hygiene standards of hospitals.

Textiles are transported over long distances

Outerwear, underwear and work clothes usually have to endure long transport routes from the production site to the point of sale. Barrier film packaging provides perfect protection against dirt and moisture for these textiles as well. This way, damage caused by water or climatic humidity can be prevented. This also applies to textiles used in sports where dry clothing is essential for survival, especially extreme sports such as mountaineering, long distance sailing or trekking tours through environments far away from civilization.

Sustainable packaging solutions for textiles

ALLVAC offers a wide range of films differing in thickness and composition. New in the range are barrier films made from renewable raw materials that meet and exceed the special requirements of textile packaging. They also fulfil the expectations of sensitive consumers with regard to ecological issues. The interaction between your textiles and our barrier films can be tested in our in-house laboratory and application technology centre. We also develop individual solutions in the event that the appropriate type of film for your application is not included in our wide range.

Performance overview:

  • ALLVAC barrier films protect efficiently against contamination and moisture
  • Textiles remain hygienically perfect, dry and clean
  • Surgical gowns are immediately safe to use
  • Hygiene standards of hospitals are being observed
  • Damage caused by water or climatically induced moisture is reliably prevented

Which textiles do you intend to package? We are looking forward to advising you. Just give us a call or write to us.