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Quality is ALLVAC’s essential component of the company’s success

Our customers have known for many years: You can rely on the quality of ALLVAC barrier films. Aside from a mature customer service, it is above all the quality of our products that secures our market position in the long term. Accordingly, we design the production and value chain right down to the customer in order to remain the partner of choice for packaging solutions with our barrier films. Our correspondingly high motivation is associated with the high-quality ALLVAC barrier films. This is ensured by our skilled and motivated staff, state-of-the art production conditions, a deep understanding of the required sustainability in our production environment and transparency in all corporate matters.


Certified quality

With regard to quality, we not only give you a promise, but also refer you to our certificates and our quality management. The certificates confirm that we comply with the stringent and demanding requirements for hygienically perfect packaging in our production processes.


Overview of our certificates:

  • BRC/IOP – Global standard for food packaging
  • ISO 50001 – Energy efficiency connected with sustainability
  • IK Initiative “Zero pellet loss”
  • GKV Code of Conduct

ALLVAC quality management

It is a matter of course for our staff to implement the stringent quality and hygiene requirements practically along the entire process chain. Accordingly, our quality management includes the selection of top-quality raw materials, the actual manufacturing process and the delivery of the vacuum films to our customers. Each process step is controlled and documented conscientiously. Your benefit is a consistently high quality. Guided hygiene stops, special protective clothing for staff and visitors, close-meshed disinfection stations as well as a high degree of automated processes meet the hygienic demands beyond the required level. It goes without saying that it is of importance to us that our customers use our vacuum films with the certainty of uncompromising quality.


If you have questions or need assistance, please give us a call or write to us.