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PA/PE (EVOH) High barrier composite films by ALLVAC for optimum product protection

Flexible, coextruded PA/PE (EVOH) high barrier composite films from ALLVAC ensure long shelf life and perfect aroma protection. Polyamide and polyethylene as film base guarantee high puncture resistance while protecting the packaged goods from moisture as well as from any loss of product fluids. EVOH (ethyl vinyl alcohol) is a PE-based aroma barrier which guarantees the preservation of the packaged product’s taste. Baked rolls or tasty fresh pasta receive reliable protection from moisture and oxygen. Our composite films are the solution to provide your products with a long shelf life, aroma preservation and, at the same time, a sales-promoting appearance at the point of sale.

PA/PE (EVOH) High barrier composite films not only for small baked rolls

We recommend our PA/PE (EVOH) high barrier composite films not only for the packaging of bread and bakery products. Packaging for sausage products in modified atmosphere (MAP) also benefits from our high barrier composite films, as they prevent uncontrolled gas exchange and thus maintain the packaging atmosphere exactly tailored to your product requirements. This way, your products stay appetisingly fresh for a longer period of time. Our high barrier composite films are available with antifog effect, in peelable quality or printed.


The advantages of our films with PA/PE (EVOH) high barrier:

  • Optimum product protection
  • High barrier values for long shelf lives
  • Exceptional ease of processing
  • Aesthetic product presentation
  • First-class skin sealing properties (full-surface sealing)
  • High puncture resistance
  • Excellent shrinking properties

ALLVAC offers a well-stocked warehouse with a wide range of foils to ensure high availability so that we are always in a position to deliver quickly. We are also happy to create your individual films for you. These solutions have already undergone initial tests in our laboratory and in our application technology centre, ready to run your packaging processes optimally.

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Product recommendation:

allflex E convinces with its high barrier

The allflex E is a standard PA/EOH/PA/PE high barrier film with eleven layers. It is available in thicknesses from 50 to 300my and ideal for packaging beef. Of great interest to the food industry is the extension of the best-before date achieved with it. In addition to the EVOH high barrier, which prevents the penetration of oxygen or moisture and thus the formation of germs, the allflex E is convincing due to its increased transparency, excellent formability and solid puncture resistance.


Advantages of allflex E at a glance:

  • Increased transparency
  • Improved formability
  • Improved puncture resistance
  • Excellent sealing properties
  • EVOH High barrier
  • Extension of best-before date

AVBE ensures extremely long shelf life of semi-finished baked goods

The AVBE is a standard high barrier film.The PA/PE blown film with EVOH high barrier and its 9 to 18 layers is available in thicknesses from 50my to 220my. The AVBE convinces by its excellent formability, its high gloss and its outstanding puncture resistance. Due to its high gas barrier, this type of film not only extends the best-before date, but also provides a high level of product protection. It was specially designed for the packaging of semi-finished bread and bakery which is crisped up after removal from the bag. Like all our composite films, this type is also easy to process on all packaging machines. On request, we can print your films using the flexographic printing process.


Advantages of AVBE at a glance:

  • High barrier against oxygen and water vapour
  • Highly transparent
  • Excellent sealing properties
  • Increased puncture resistance
  • Extension of the best-before date