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ALLVAC customers benefit from the top quality of our composite films

Our customers use our flexible barrier films on thermoforming packaging machines to pack and vacuum food as well as technical products. We supply bag films for a large variety of innovative packaging solutions. Many years of experience, extensive know how and high quality standards are equally appreciated by our customers – worldwide.

Individual consulting, first-class product quality, professional service, the company’s in-house laboratory and application technology centre ensure long-standing customer relationships, while our convincing price-performance ratio is rounding off the parameters.

Customers value our extensive assortment

ALLVAC supplies high-quality PA/PE barrier films to very different markets:

Vacuum bag manufacturers – Bag manufacturers use our composite films to produce a wide range of vacuum bags, extending from side seal bags and tubular bags to cook-in bags and multilayer bags.

Packaging machine manufacturers – Our products’ excellent machinability has convinced numerous packaging machine manufacturers. We have been cooperating with many of them for many years to provide comprehensive packaging solutions for their customers.

Slaughterhouses – Fresh meat is best packaged in a flexible coextruded PA/PE high and medium barrier composite film that is perfectly suited for thermoforming.

Manufacturers of meat and sausage products – For decades, ALLVAC has been a reliable supplier of most diverse, high-quality, innovative composite films for packaging meat or sausage products on thermoforming packaging machines.

Dairies – Our large variety of composite films meets the special requirements of cheese dairy products which demand different packaging depending on shape, weight, consistency and surface properties.

Bakeries – Our barrier films reliably protect baked rolls, fresh pizza or pasteurised, fresh pasta from moisture and oxygen.

Our trading partners provide our international customers with on-site consulting and support. ALLVAC is not only a valued supplier of first-class quality PA/PE films in German-speaking countries, but is also experiencing increasing popularity worldwide. Our export share is continuously growing.

Would you like to become our customer and have questions about our product range? We will be happy to advise you. Just give us a call or write to us.