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Composite films by ALLVAC make your perfectly protected product look good

It’s the packaging that matters. It protects the product from external influences and spoilage, but also presents its contents at the point of sale and thus serves virtually as a business card of the manufacturer. The customer’s first impression of the product is primarily decisive. A market-oriented company keeping pace with the times is therefore aware of the demands placed on packaging materials. Our portfolio includes composite PA/PE films with excellent thermoforming and barrier properties.

Composite films from high-quality raw materials

Carefully selected, high-quality raw materials from innovative, renowned suppliers and continuous improvements to film structure and production processes guarantee the success of our first-class composite films.

All types have one thing in common: they guarantee you an optimal and aesthetic product presentation and they can be processed effortlessly due to their excellent machinability. Furthermore, they all feature a high degree of transparency as well as optimal shrinking properties in order to prevent excessive juice separation and to present the products appetisingly in refrigerated counters. The outstanding skin sealing properties prevent product fluids from running between the top and bottom film when sealing the entire surface.

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Composite films with high barrier for special applications

Our product range includes tinted, printable, peelable and antifogging composite films. For special applications we also manufacture EVOH high barrier films, which we recommend for applications with very long shelf lives. Our films with SURLYN® are ideal for cooking and packaging boiled ham or for sous-vide cooking. Our extensive range of products in stock ensures you continuous supply as well as short-term deliveries if required.


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