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Bag production benefits from high-quality ALLVAC composite films

Bag production of our sister company ALLFO, but also of other customers, benefits from our high-quality composite films. Our parent reels can be used to produce an almost inexhaustible variety of different bag types. Individual solutions are realized in cooperation with our application technology centre and our in-house laboratory.

Side seal bags made of our high-quality PA/PE barrier film are the classics in bag production. They are ideal for storing, sealing in aroma, maturing or displaying fresh food attractively on retail shelves. Polyamide (PA) provides an oxygen barrier and aroma protection. Polyethylene (PE) serves as a moisture barrier and ensures excellent sealing properties.

Tubular bags are equally important in bag production, especially when products need to be packaged in a particularly attractive way. These bag types have no side seams, nestle snugly against the products and show off contours to their best advantage.

They are made from high-quality PA/PE blown film, which is characterised by an excellent oxygen barrier, a high degree of transparency and puncture resistance as well as outstanding sealing properties.

Whether your bag production manufactures variants for long-term storage or for perfect presentation at the point of sale – our composite films are ideal for numerous applications. Equally extensive is the variety of products that can be packaged optimally in bags made from our films, even pointed bones or screws requiring reliable puncture resistance properties.

In the end, 90 percent of our bag films are used for safe storage. But also pasteurising, sterilising, freezing and cooking – including the Sous-Vide method – are further examples for the performance of the bags produced from our composite films.

Application examples from the food sector:

  • Pre-portioning of meat, meat products and cheese at the point of sale
  • ALLFO cook-in bags specially developed for the Sous-Vide method
  • Shrink bags package fresh meat, meat products and non-ripening cheese safely and hygienically.
  • Multilayer bags for cheese maturation

Bag production for non-food products:

It is evident of course that film bags are not only used in the food industry but also everywhere where products require special protection from or a barrier against gases and moisture. This explains why many companies in medical technology and industry also use bags made from ALLVAC films.

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