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Zero Pellet Loss is an essential objective of ours

ALLVAC is committed to the Zero Pellet Loss Initiative of the Industrievereinigung Kunststoffverpackungen (IK). Sensitised by the initiative, we systematically identify the areas where plastic pellets used for the production of barrier films may be released into the environment. We jointly draw up measures and plans of action, train our employees and instruct our suppliers. By taking these steps, we intend to make a contribution against the pollution of water by plastics, given that we are very serious about plastic waste, especially concerning the world’s oceans.

An initiative that is consistently implemented

We are actively helping to avoid microplastics turning into “marine litter” by utilising our state-of-the-art production facilities at our new company site in Waltenhofen. Marine litter affects many animal species. At the same time, it also wastes resources that could be used for new products or to generate energy. Accordingly, under the premise of the Zero Pellet Loss Initiative, we at ALLVAC consistently ensure that raw materials are not wasted unnecessarily as a result of being dispersed in the production chain due to advanced filling of the machines. Pellets are delivered in silos and transported directly to the machines via a sophisticated pipeline system. In addition, we rigorously comply with modern recycling management.

Zero Pellet Loss also provides for occupational safety

Zero Pellet Loss not only benefits the environment. Our employees also share in the advantages, as occupational safety is increased. After all, spilt pellets or granulates may cause accidents due to slipping. Apart from this, Zero Pellet Loss is economically sustainable, as it prevents the waste of valuable raw materials. We also support the Fraunhofer Institute in its research work on another project that investigates the effects of microplastics in the aquatic environment. Instead of keeping our knowledge to ourselves, we share it by regularly hosting lectures and getting involved in academic studies. Internships and the opportunity to write bachelor’s and master’s theses at ALLVAC enable students to gain first-hand experience.
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