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ALLVAC: Tradition and innovation since 1992

Does tradition fit in a company that focuses on innovations for packaging? We think so, because it has become evident from experience since our foundation by Hans Bresele senior in 1992. The tradition of our association, which began in 1966 with the founding of our sister company ALLFO, includes our awareness of values, our innovative spirit and our quality standards. In continuous improvements according to the requirements of the packaging industry – both in the food and non-food sector – we have simultaneously succeeded to comply with the latest innovations in the plastics industry. It has always been our passion to produce first-class thermoforming films for optimum protection of packaged goods.


Global player with decades of tradition

ALLVAC tradition cannot do without a look at the founding history of its sister companies. As early as 1971, when the initial production site had become too small, they moved into new production facilities in Waltenhofen for ALLFO’s vacuum bag production. Since 1986, our sister company BREVAC has supplemented our portfolio with its blown film production, thus it has been a tradition for many years that the three sisters from Waltenhofen guarantee success with their successful cooperation when it comes to film and bag packaging. Additionally ALLFO B.V. was founded in the Netherlands 20 years ago to become a player in the international packaging industry. Numerous new production facilities have been acquired over the years, being the essential basis of our success to this day.


For the benefit of future generations

As entrepreneurs, Hans Bresele senior and his son Hans Bresele junior have kept their promise of maintaining the values that had been planted in these companies since 1966: Dealing consciously with all resources for the benefit of future generations. This primarily benefits customers, suppliers and employees, but also the grandchildren of the entrepreneurial family. This is what tradition requires and this is the way it should be tomorrow!

Traditionally innovative since 1992:

  • Founded in 1992 by Hans Bresele senior
  • Awareness of values, innovative spirit and high quality standards right from the start
  • Successful alliance of companies with the sisters ALLFO and BREVAC
  • Player within the global family of packaging products
  • New company location for state-of-the-art packaging solutions

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