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High-performance bags made from PA/PE medium barrier multilayer bag films

Our flexible PA/PE medium barrier multilayer bag films have been specially developed for bag production. Multilayer barrier films are manufactured from polyamide and polyethylene in tandem- as well as in coextrusion processes. The films’ high stiffness values increase the output in the bag production and thus offer an impressive economic advantage. Specially equipped and lightly powdered sealing layers facilitate the opening of the bag by the consumer thus making them a very popular product.

A versatile assortment

Our extensive range of PA/PE medium barrier multilayer bag films offers the right variant for every desired application – no matter whether fresh food needs to be packaged hygienically and safely for transport or for cheese maturation. In addition to the high quality, you benefit from fast order processing, short delivery times and maximum security of supply.


Innovation, experience and competence in one film

The product development of bag films, to which we contribute a great deal of innovation, experience and competence, is a special service for our customers. The films’ essential properties are complemented by first-class raw materials and professional production. Product development not only results in a bag film perfectly tailored to your needs, but above all in your satisfaction. As a leading manufacturer of high-quality bag films, ALLVAC is not only aware of its responsibility towards its customers, but also of its obligation not only to maintain this high level of performance, but also to continuously expand it. It is a matter of course that our dedicated sales staff and the entire ALLVAC team are committed to this task from day to day.


Examples from further processing of our foils in bags are:

Side seal bags
Side seal bags made from high-quality PA/PE barrier film are ideal for sealing in the aroma of fresh food, for maturing and an attractive display on retail shelves.

The benefits in overview:

  • Especially designed for bag production
  • Both tandem and coextrusion processes
  • Specially equipped and slightly powdered sealing layers
  • High quality and maximum supply security
  • Fast order processing, short lead times

Would you like to receive more information about our PA/PE medium barrier multilayer bag films?
We will be pleased to take the time and advise you. Simply give us a call or write to us.

Product recommendation:

allflex B – much more than a bag film

Allflex B is a member of the product family of flexible PA/PE medium barrier multilayer bag films produced by means of coextrusion. The polyamide and polyethylene multilayer barrier film offers excellent stiffness values which have a positive effect on the output during bag production. The film is powdered lightly, making it thus easier for the consumer to open the bag.

The allflex B 11-layer film is available in thicknesses from 65my to 85my and scores well in packaging processes under vacuum or MAP in both the food and non-food sectors. Due to its temperature tolerance it is also ideal for pasteurisation and microwave applications.

Features of allflex B:

  • Medium barrier against oxygen and water vapour
  • High degree of transparency
  • Excellent sealing properties
  • Increased puncture resistance

AVB by ALLVAC offers a wide range of applications

The AVB is a special top film characterised by its excellent flatness, high degree of transparency, outstanding puncture resistance and seal strength in the hot tack state. The AVB can be processed both as top film and bottom film on flow pack machines and is also suitable for pasteurisation, due to its high level of temperature tolerance. It has a wide range of application. In addition to vacuum or MAP packaging in the food or non-food sector, they are also used as tray top films with antifogging properties. They also serve as ripening packs for cheese maturation as well as for cooking processes and microwave heating.

Features of AVB:

  • High quality
  • Medium and high barrier against oxygen and water vapour
  • Highly transparent
  • Excellent sealing properties
  • Hot Tack
  • Increased puncture resistance
AVB9 – 18 Layer PA/PE Blown film50 - 180my
AVBE9 - 18 Layer PA/PE Blown film with EVOH High barrier50 - 220my
AVBEF9 Layer PA/PE Blown film with EVOH High barrier and Antifog70my
AVBK9 Layer PA/PE Blown film, Cooking up to 100 °C80 - 170my
AVBHT (C)9 Layer PP/PA/PE Blown film, Sterilisation up to 121°C (tinted)Upon request
AVBR9 Layer PP/PA/PP Blown film, Sterilisation up to 121°CUpon request