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Bakeries keep their baked goods fresh with our composite films

Our composite films protect baked rolls, fresh pizza or pasteurised fresh pasta from moisture and oxygen while extending their shelf lives and making them safe for transportation. Another advantage: ALLVAC’s high-quality packaging film also ensures optimal aroma protection. Depending on the type, our products also ensure a brilliant appearance on retail shelves. Bakeries often protect their products from germs and bacteria by packaging them under protective gas (MAP).

Packaging solutions for baked rolls and pizza

ALLVAC’s packaging solutions enable consumers to store baked goods or pizza in the refrigerator for longer periods of time before baking them. The freshness of these products, however, is maintained.

We recommend bakeries to package fresh bread and bakery products in a modified atmosphere (MAP) with PA/PE (EVOH) high barrier films. This type of film guarantees best barrier properties while preventing any uncontrolled gas exchange. It goes without saying that our composite films feature a high degree of machine runability and support professional pressure regulation, which prevents crushing of the products.


An overview of your advantages:

  • Baked rolls, fresh pizza or pasteurized fresh pasta remain protected against moisture and oxygen
  • Products stay fresh and have a longer shelf life
  • Flavours are preserved
  • Appetizing appearance
  • Can be provided with advertising message


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