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PA/PE/SURLYN® medium barrier composite film by ALLVAC for perfectly cooked ham

The flexible PA/PE/SURLYN® medium barrier composite film has been especially developed for the production of cooked ham. Its SURLYN® sealing layer is responsible for the preparation of perfectly cooked ham and an excellent presentation at the POS. SURLYN® is based on ionomers composed of ethylene methacrylic acid copolymers. The ionic crosslinks are reversible as they dissolve at usual processing temperatures and form again during the cooling phase. This type of film therefore has both excellent shrinking properties and meat adhesion.


Excellent meat adhesion

The meat is cooked for several hours at a temperature of 76°C. During this cooking process the PA/PE/SURLYN® medium barrier composite film develops a bond with the ham (meat adhesion). In contrast to pure polyethylene, the meat adhesion of this film can be influenced within certain limits by the selection of the SURLYN® type used. Adhesion to the product is determined by its different acidity.

The excellent meat adhesion of our PA/PE/SURLYN® medium barrier composite film not only reduces jelly leakage from the ham, but also minimizes juice separation and unwanted loss in weight.

PA/PE/SURLYN® medium barrier composite film with outstanding sealing properties

The unique material sealing properties ensure that the package remains tightly sealed in the event that the sealing area becomes coated with water, grease or other product fluids, even at low sealing temperatures. Its tremendous mechanical strength that reliably prevents leakage, even when used for packaging sharp-edged or pointed products is another advantageous feature of PA/PE/SURLYN® medium barrier composite films, which we supply in tinted or printed versions as well.

The benefits in overview:

  • Especially designed for cooked ham production
  • Ionic crosslinks are reversible
  • Outstanding shrinkage and recovery capabilities
  • Excellent meat adhesion
  • Reduces the amount of jelly escaping

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Product recommendations:

allflex ION for producing cooked ham

Allflex ION is a special IONOMER 11-layer PA/PE/SURLYN® cast coextrusion film. It is ideal for producing cooked ham. Its main characteristic is excellent meat adhesion during the cooking process. Allflex ION is particularly popular as it prevents practically any jelly from forming on the product surface.

Advantages of allflex ION at a glance:

  • Excellent meat adhesion during cooking process
  • Reduction of jelly formation
  • High transparency
  • Improved sealing properties