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Composite films are developed and tested in the ALLVAC laboratory

Project development, but also new film formulas benefit from our in-house laboratory, where we analyse new film compounds, measure film thicknesses, examine the interaction of film and product and test the performance of the composite film in order to finally assess the product’s shelf life. To round off the test phase, samples can be stored temporarily in our laboratory’s refrigerators and freezers.

Development work in the laboratory

We have experienced for decades that every sophisticated packaging solution requires product-specific development in which the conditions of the product determine the direction of development. ALLVAC clarifies these parameters in advance in the laboratory in order to achieve an optimum result.

New formulas and concepts are established to bring products quickly to market. The application technology centre attached to the laboratory and equipped with a thermoforming packaging machine provides information on the practical application of new blown as well as cast films.

Customer benefit through innovative strength

This not only strengthens our product range, but ultimately also benefits our customers, whose specific ideas can be implemented on an industrial scale close to production. In the laboratory, we also test future composite films and examine biodegradable films or films made from renewable raw materials to determine their capability to complement our variety of innovative barrier films. After all, sustainability is indispensable for our company’s success.

Our laboratory services at a glance:

  • Space for project development
  • Development of new film formulas
  • Film compound analyses
  • Film thickness measurements
  • Studies on the interaction of film and product

Do you have any questions on our laboratory’s performance?
Please do not hesitate to write to us or simply give us a call.

Research and development for future-oriented packaging

At ALLVAC, the interaction between research and development is particularly pronounced and not only takes place in the company’s in-house laboratory and application technology centre. Research and development answers contemporary questions about barrier film packaging. Our close cooperation with users, universities and the Kempten packaging cluster supports us in this matter. Research topics and market analyses also reach us through our Managing Director Dr Andreas Gasse, who, as Chairman of the Main Committee of Environment and Sustainability plays an important mediating role, so that ALLVAC can not only keep pace with most recent market developments, but also aims to set standards with cutting-edge technologies. 

Research and development responds to questions concerning the future

Our understanding of research and development is essentially concerned with the question of how packaging made of barrier film can still be sustainable in the future. An important keyword in this context is “save food”, which is committed to preserving food and creating solutions that counteract excessive food destruction through spoilage and damage during shipment. On the other hand, the vital topic of sustainability is the guiding factor of our research and development department. It is not without pride that we refer to our barrier films, which are made of plastics from renewable raw materials and have successfully passed all product tests in our application technology centre.

Young researchers analyse our core business

As a company, we also offer young people the opportunity to do research in our group of companies, which in addition to ALLVAC also includes our sister company ALLFO, Europe’s market leader for vacuum bags. Quite a few bachelor and master theses have analysed our core business and were included in their research results. Last but not least, the close, mostly long-standing contact with manufacturers of packaging machines is elementary for our research and development, as ultimately only the ideal interaction of film and machine makes perfect packaging and a satisfied customer. This is the driving force and motivation for our tasks in the crucial area of research and development.   

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Strong collaboration between research and development
  • In-house laboratory and application technology centre
  • Cooperation with customers, universities and the packaging cluster Kempten
  • We are engaged in research topics and market analyses
  • We maintain close ties with the IK Industrievereinigung Kunststoffverpackungen e.V.

We will be glad to support you on your project. Simply give us a call or write to us.

Product development creates individual solutions

Our product development is guided by the question: What are our customers’ requirements? The answers are found in our in-house laboratory and application technology centre. The background is that special products demand sophisticated packaging solutions. The parameters of the objectives are as varied as the tasks themselves. Food, industrial goods, textiles or even cash money are optimally packaged in ALLVAC barrier films. Sometimes, however, there is increased demand for more innovation, higher resilience, ultimate gloss or extreme puncture resistance. Manufacturers of thermoforming packaging machines consistently challenge our product development to create the appropriate film for their latest innovations.

Product development responds to questions concerning the future

Our product department also designs films made from renewable raw materials. In doing so, we provide answers to important questions concerning the future and modern environmental protection. We are proud to refer to this product development as our films, which completely dispense with polyamide, offer best sealing properties, a high degree of transparency and excellent gloss. The test runs in our application technology centre have by all means been successful, so it is not surprising that the market and our customers value the sample packs produced on our thermoforming packaging machines.

Smallest aspects become visible under the microscope

Under the microscope we examine our films down to the smallest aspects of a well-functioning and reliable packaging solution. In the laboratory, the formulas of our films are refined, adapted and, accordingly, further developed. Our films are mostly used for packaging food in order to provide longer shelf life and a convincing appearance at the point of sale. At the same time, the demands on the performance of the packaging are high, due to the fact that they are used for cooking, pasteurising and sterilising. Product development ensures that your products look appetising, retain their good taste, remain strong selling and are protected all around in favour of an increased shelf life.

Your benefits in overview:

  • We ask: What exactly is the client’s requirement?
  • We create the matching film for your latest innovations
  • We design sustainable films
  • We focus on quality and appearance

Which project would you like to entrust to our product development? We look forward to hearing from you. Simply give us a call or write to us.