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Our composite films protect food

ALLVAC produces PA/PE composite films for the food industry. The application possibilities of our composite films are as versatile as the types of films themselves. The classic fields of application benefitting from the high quality of our composite films include the packaging of fresh meat, meat products, sausages, cheese, fish and seafood, but also baked goods and pasta products, eggs, tofu and BARF food. The success and popularity of our composite films is based on the excellent quality of the raw materials used in manufacturing our PA/PE films.


The food industry is the largest industry we supply. This is not surprising, considering the fact that it produces millions of tons of food every year. Many foods have one thing in common: they have to be packaged for transport, storage and sale.

Food classics packaged with our composite films:

The demands placed on innovative packaging are high: it should be resilient, look good, save space and provide long shelf life. Our composite films for the food sector meet these requirements due to the fact that our high-grade PA/PE barrier films slow down the decomposition process caused by microorganisms and enzymes while preserving important vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. An additional advantage of our products: Food that has been vacuum packaged retains its appearance and taste for a significantly longer period. 

Every packaging has its individual parameters to a certain degree, and that is why we offer our assortment of composite films, aside from transparent, in tinted, printable, peelable and antifogging versions. Our extensive stock ensures you reliable, complete supply and fast deliveries - even on short notice.

We would be pleased to advise you, if you have any questions in regards to food packaging.
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ALLVAC films protect meat and sausage products attractively and reliably

Fresh meat and sausage products are very popular with consumers, but they are also particularly sensitive packaging goods due to the fact that they can spoil quickly. At the same time, consumers prefer to purchase products, if possible, without unnecessary preserving agents. In order to guarantee a significantly extended shelf life for meat and sausage products, high-performance barrier films from ALLVAC offer the most suitable packaging solution. Not only do they keep these foods fresh for much longer, they also ensure an appetising and sales-boosting appearance at the point of sale. Wholesalers equally benefit from the high performance of our composite films, as they can be used, for example, to package even large quantities of beef optimally.

Classics for meat and sausage products

Our classic amongst our films is the co-extruded composite film with up to 11 polyamide and polyethylene layers, offering extremely high puncture resistance and a wide sealing window. It is the ideal film type when meat and sausage products require flexible packaging produced on thermoforming packaging machines. High transparency and puncture resistance are the most important properties of the flexible, co-extruded PA/PP/PA/PE medium barrier composite film from ALLVAC, making it perfect to safely and attractively package ham, Tyrolean Speck and even products with bones. This is ensured by the additive polypropylene (PP), a thermoplastic, semi-crystalline and non-polar plastic that is harder and more heat-resistant than polyethylene.
Excellent meat adhesion – no jelly formation

Cooked ham is ideally packaged in our innovative film with ionomers, ensuring optimal meat adhesion, preventing the dreaded jelly formation and maintaining the weight and thus the juiciness of the ham.

Performance overview:

  • Prevent premature spoilage
  • Protect during transport and in retail
  • Optimal presentation of your products
  • The matching film for each sausage type
  • Even meat with pointed bones is securely packed

Which product from the meat and sausage products sector would you like to package? We are looking forward to your questions! Just give us a call or write to us.

ALLVAC films package pointed bones securely and attractively

Spareribs or chops with pointed bones require a special material thickness for packaging to ensure that the product arrives undamaged at the customer. Accordingly, the packaging solution for these products places a lot of emphasis on the puncture resistance of the film. With the flexible, co-extrueded PA/PP/PA/PE medium barrier composite film, ALLVAC offers its customers a packaging solution for pointed bones that is not only attractive, but also strong and fits like a second skin.

Meat on the bone with increased shelf life

Regardless of whether fresh, pre-prepared or deep-frozen products are to be packaged – ALLVAC composite films meet these challenges reliably. Convincingly stable and with high barrier values, they run smoothly on all common thermoforming packaging machines. In addition to the highly valued puncture resistance, meat products with bones also benefit from the attractive appearance of the film, a feature that is particularly appreciated at the point of sale. For this purpose, the eleven layers of polyamide and polyethylene are refined with a highly transparent polypropylene inner layer. Their optimum formability and excellent sealing properties are equally in demand.

It goes without saying that the highest hygiene and quality standards are a matter of course for ALLVAC when it comes to packaging solutions for meat products with bones. ALLVAC therefore consistently complies with the hygiene and quality guidelines of the BRCGS. In addition, ALLVAC is certified according to DIN ISO 50001 and holds the GKV certificate.

Performance overview:

  • Specially designed for bone-in meat
  • For fresh, pre-prepared or deep-frozen products
  • Run smoothly on all common thermoforming packaging machines
  • Attractive appearance at the point of sale
  • Optimum forming and excellent sealing properties

Do you intend to package meat with pointed bones safely and attractively? We are looking forward to your call or your mail.


ALLVAC SURLYN® medium barrier composite film is ideal for the production of cooked ham

Cooked ham is very popular and in great demand. Consumers can find it in numerous recipes in every butcher’s counter and in the refrigerated shelves of supermarkets. Cooked ham consists of the muscle meat of the pork flail, which is first cured and then brewed. Depending on the recipe, the ham mass can also be smoked before cooking. In order to achieve the boiled ham’s typical shape, it is often vacuum-packed in thermoforming packaging and finally cooked in metal moulds. The allflex ION film is the ideal packaging solution for this purpose. Alternatively, there is also the allflex ION plus, which gives cooked ham its typical shape due to its excellent shrinking and recovery properties.

Sealing layer refines cooked ham

The innovative cooking film is based on its sealing layer of ionomers, which form reversible crosslinks. These dissolve at normal processing temperatures and form again during the cooling phase. This type of film therefore provides both excellent shrinking properties and meat adhesion. It not only significantly reduces jelly formation on the surface, but also, thanks to the bond between film and ham, prevents weight loss during the cooking process. Since the fluid in the ham remains where it belongs, it is juicy in the end. The excellent sealing properties of ALLVAC’s PA/PE/SURLYN® medium barrier composite film guarantees tight packaging even at low sealing temperatures, even when the sealing area has been coated with water, grease or other product fluids.

Performance overview:

  • Boilable thermoformed packaging
  • Excellent shrinkage and recovery gives cooked ham its typical shape
  • Hardly any jelly formation
  • Optimal meat adhesion
  • Attractive appearance due to transparency and high gloss

Do you have questions about the production of cooked ham with an innovative PA/PE/SURLYN® medium barrier composite film from ALLVAC? We look forward to your call or your mail.


ALLVAC films significantly extend the shelf life of poultry

Poultry is becoming increasingly popular. In addition to its low price, white meat convinces consumers with its low calories and easy digestibility. Chicken clearly leads the popularity scale. It is followed by turkey, duck and goose. Aside from pure muscle meat, poultry cuts, offal and numerous poultry meat products are offered. Manufacturers know that poultry is one of the perishable foods that can quickly cause food infections. Care is therefore particularly important when processing poultry. This also includes the packaging process so that Campylobacter or Salmonella don’t have a chance contaminating the product. Barrier films from ALLVAC have proven their value in packaging poultry safely, resulting in extending its shelf life significantly.  Due to the high transparency of the film and its captivating gloss, the products look appetising in the refrigerated shelves.

Poultry appears brilliantly at the Point of Sale

For poultry we have more than just one film to offer. Your purchase decision always depends on the task at hand. The versatile spectrum ranges from whole chickens, ducks or geese to turkey legs or muscle pieces. In order to present your products optimally at the point of sale, we suggest our flexible, co-extruded PA/PE allflex S composite film, which ensures a particularly appetizing look. Equally transparent is our flexible, co-extruded PA/PP/PA/PE medium barrier composite film with high puncture resistance which makes it suitable for products with bone. In addition to polyamide and polyethylene, this type of film also comprises polypropylene (PP).

Various films for perfect packaging

Our range of composite films for packaging poultry also includes tinted, printable and peelable types as well as films equipped with antifog properties. EVOH – high barrier composites significantly extend the shelf life of your products. Our vast stock assortment ensures you a complete supply and enables short-term deliveries if required.

Performance overview:

  • Shelf life expiration date is significantly extended
  • Campylobacter or Salmonella do not stand a chance
  • Products look appetizing in refrigerated shelves
  • Versatile range: From complete chickens to muscle pieces
  • Films also available tinted, printable, peelable or coated with anti-fog

Would you like to package your poultry in our composite films? We look forward to advising you. Just give us a call or write to us.


ALLVAC films package eggs perfectly

Eggs are an important part of our diet and their processing requires sensitivity and speed. The fragile suppliers of proteins and fats have a relatively short shelf life. To ensure that the industrial processing of eggs is efficient and hygienic, eggs are processed into various products. The food industry, bakeries, butchers, but also canteen kitchens can choose from a wide range of products required for their recipes. Our films are used to package long eggs and hard-boiled eggs. The main feature of long eggs is that the egg yolk is continuously situated on the inside while it is evenly surrounded by egg white. Long eggs replace the classic hard-boiled eggs and are equally valued in the food industry and gastronomy. Butchers use this particular shape for the production of sausages and aspic. Hard-boiled eggs, however, can be packaged in brine with ALLVAC films, for example as bulk packs on flowpack systems.

Eggs stay fresh and well in shape with ALLVAC

Eggs always require high-performance packaging that keeps germs out and the product fresh, at times even giving it a different shape. This is where ALLVAC’s packaging solutions come in, offering a higher quality than the egg shell. The AVB or allflex S composite films, for example, which are suitable for packaging eggs, are characterised by their high transparency and excellent sealing properties. The allflex E, a standard PA/EVOH/PA/PE high barrier film with eleven layers, offers even more security. Thanks to its outstanding properties, it can be used to extend the best-before date. In addition to the EVOH high barrier, which prevents the penetration of oxygen or moisture and thus the formation of germs, the allflex E is convincing due to its increased transparency and excellent formability.

Performance overview:

  • Efficient and hygienic industrial processing of eggs
  • Suitable for both long eggs and hard-boiled eggs
  • Also as bulk packaging in brine on flowpack systems
  • Germs are being kept out
  • High transparency and optimum sealing properties

Do you have any questions about egg packaging? We will be glad to advise you. Just give us a call or write to us.

ALLVAC films give cheese a second skin

Euro block formats, round loaves or chunks – cheese is equally well packaged in ALLVAC barrier films as other dairy products. Our co-extruded, eleven-layer composite films provide numerous hard and semi-hard cheeses in a wide variety of packaging shapes and sizes with a perfect second skin. Top priority is not only to keep the cheese fresh, but also to ensure safe transport. Our range also includes films for post-maturing cheeses. In addition to standard varieties such as Gouda, Edam, Emmental or butter cheese, numerous cheese specialties such as mozzarella, mountain cheese, smoked cheese, parmesan and various cheeses with ingredients are also packaged with ALLVAC films, as we can always offer a suitable variant for specific consistencies. Aside from the classic flowpack packaging, our films often turn into thermoformed packaging, due to our composite films’ outstanding performance on thermoforming packaging machines.

Individual packaging solutions for cheese

Cheese can vary in many ways, and this is why we often develop individual packaging solutions in our in-house laboratory and application technology centre. Leading national and international milk and cheese dairies value our state-of-the-art production facilities, our individual advice and the multitude of processing and packaging options for their products. Numerous standard and special formats, individual sizes and convenience bulk packs that we offer for cheese demonstrate our many years of grown understanding in this particular industry.

Performance overview:

  • For Euro block formats, round loaves or cheese chunks
  • For hard and semi-hard cheeses in a wide range of packaging shapes and sizes
  • Additional films for post-maturing cheeses
  • Always a suitable film for different consistencies
  • Standard and special formats, individual sizes and convenience bulk packs

Which type of cheese do you intend to package? We will gladly advise you und look forward to your call or your mail.

Tofu and other meat substitutes are perfectly protected with ALLVAC films

Tofu originally comes from Asia, a soya quark that is easy to slice. Today, tofu is a worldwide popular substitute for meat and facilitates modern vegetarian and vegan cuisine. Tofu is made from soy milk, drained at the end of the manufacturing process and cut into blocks. The production process of the meat substitute is reminiscent of cheese production and available in different variations.

Tofu requires a packaging film with best sealing properties

Silken tofu is particularly suitable for the production of desserts, while sponge tofu is usually filled and fried. The classic can also be found in the refrigerated shelves in numerous variations. Composed with herbs, smoked or spicy, it is generally available in the form of small blocks packaged under vacuum. Since tofu is often packed in a little brine, the composite film in which the soya quark is packaged must not only protect it from oxygen and during transport, but also provide the best sealing properties – which ALLVAC barrier films can guarantee.

Meat substitutes packaged in ALLVAC films have a longer shelf life

Temeh is an equally popular meat substitute from Indonesia and is sold as a block in thermoformed packaging made of ALLVAC barrier film. Traditionally Temeh is made from whole, steamed and peeled soybeans fermented with mushroom cultures. Seitan, on the other hand, is a meat substitute made from wheat protein (gluten). The consistency of this meat substitute is slightly firmer than tofu and sometimes slightly fibrous. All tofu and meat substitute products in vacuum packaging made of ALLVAC films benefit from safe packaging that not only protects but also convinces at the point of sale.

Performance overview:

  • Best sealing properties despite contamination with brine
  • Protects against oxygen and during transport
  • Packaging can be imprinted
  • Freshness character of the products is fully preserved
  • Convincing look at the POS

Do you have any questions? We will be pleased to advise you. Simply give us a call or write to us.

ALLVAC films make vegetables appetizingly long-lasting

Vegetables and potatoes are popular foods. They are freshly prepared, but also preserved varieties are coveted by consumers and in the catering trade. Potatoes, beetroot or corn are among the classics that can be preserved for a long time without losing their appetizing appearance with ALLVAC’s innovative barrier films. Potatoes and vegetables benefit from different packaging processes.

Different cut patterns for canteen kitchens

Potatoes are processed into peeled raw or pre-cooked potatoes in various “cut patterns” for canteen kitchens. These can then be further processed by the catering companies. In order to prevent the potatoes from oxidizing or spoiling, vacuum films from ALLVAC are required to give these products a perfect thermoforming packaging. The potatoes can not only be vacuum packed with ALLVAC barrier films, but also be packaged in a protective gas atmosphere (MAP process).

Appealing vegetables at the point of sale

Corn and beetroot, on the other hand, are present at the point of sale, so that their packaging must not only tolerate sterilization of the vegetables at 121°C, but should also subsequently encourage purchase. In the classic sterilization process, the germs on the surfaces of the vegetables are destroyed by high temperature. This means, for example, that corn cobs can be consumed without any risk even after a long period in the vegetable shelves of supermarkets. ALLVAC barrier films can be used to treat vegetables at very high temperatures for up to one hour and are therefore ideal for high-quality vacuum packaging. Their excellent transparency ensures a perfect appearance at the point of sale.

High pressure against germs

Also preservation by means of high-pressure treatment (HPP – High pressure processing) is conceivable with ALLVAC films, as harmful germs and microorganisms on the food are inactivated and reduced by a high pressure of up to 6000 bar. This allows the shelf life of vegetables to be significantly extended without the use of heat or preserving agents. In addition to improving the shelf life and product safety, high-pressure treatment also makes these products more attractive to health-conscious consumers, as no food additives need to be used.

Performance overview:

  • Potatoes, beetroot or corncobs receive a long shelf life when packaged in innovative barrier films from ALLVAC
  • Sterilized vegetables remain delicious and keep their appetizing appearance
  • Barrier film tolerates temperatures from -40°C to +121°C
  • Great benefit for catering trade and canteen kitchens
  • High pressure processing (HPP) with ALLVAC films possible

Do you have any questions about the various processes and our composite films? We will be pleased to advise you on the appropriate process for your vegetables. Just give us a call or write to us.

ALLVAC composite films for reliable packaging of fish and seafood

Fish and seafood are particularly sensitive foods that must be processed with utmost care at every stage of production. This also applies to the packaging process, where no compromises can be made in terms of hygiene. An issue well known by relevant production companies, which often dedicate themselves to the processing of fish and seafood with a large “vertical range of manufacture”. The be-all and end-all is not only the hygiene and speed of processing, but also the packaging.

Seafood retains its freshness

Thermoforming films from ALLVAC are the perfect packaging material for fish and seafood in regards to these requirements, as they keep shellfish and crustaceans fresh for longer. In addition, thermoformed packaging made of ALLVAC barrier films is especially suitable for display on supermarket self-service shelves, as it remains perfectly in shape and is reliably leak-proof.

Fish packaging fit for cooking

Fish is often cut and shock-frozen while still on the ship. The frozen fish are sawn into blocks and vacuum packed. In addition, frozen fish meals in packaging fit for cooking are an important mainstay of the fish industry, as the prefabricated dishes are very popular with consumers. Preparation is simple and always successful. ALLVAC composite films suitable for cooking processes not only tolerate high temperatures, but also lose none of their outstanding performance properties at temperatures as low as minus 40°C.

Performance overview:

  • Uncompromising in terms of hygiene
  • Outstanding puncture resistance for shellfish and crustaceans
  • Ideal for freshly caught fish
  • Temperature tolerance from -40°C to +121°C
  • Perfect vacuum packaging for blocks

Do you intend to package fish or seafood under vacuum? We will be pleased to advise you. Just give us a call or write to us.

Tarte flambée retains its delicious taste for longer with ALLVAC films

Tarte flambée is a popular specialty not only in Alsace, Baden or the Palatinate region. The very thin base of bread dough is traditionally layered with raw onions, bacon and sour cream, lightly seasoned with salt and pepper. The delicious ensemble is baked at high temperatures for a relatively short time and preferably enjoyed with a glass of wine. Tarte flambée is nowadays just as established in the refrigerated shelves of supermarkets as it is on numerous menus in street cafés, bistros and restaurants. The supply chain is correspondingly large, as tarte flambée is produced on a grand scale.

Barrier films for tarte flambée

The fresh specialties, which have long been available in numerous spicy and sweet varieties, are packaged and supplied in barrier films from ALLVAC. The films retain the freshness character of tarte flambée and ensure an appetising appearance in the refrigerated shelves. Gastronomy also benefits from this high-performance packaging, as it enables a strategically optimal purchasing policy in terms of money and time. The high-quality PA/PE barrier films applied to package the flat delicacies provide for a preparation frequency enabling gastronomists to be independent of the actual number of guests, due to the significantly extended shelf life of the product.

High barrier for controlled gas exchange

We recommend our PA/PE (EVOH) high barrier composite film for packaging these particular specialties. The film prevents uncontrolled gas exchange and thus creates a packaging atmosphere exactly tailored to the product requirements. Our high barrier composite films are available either with anti-fog effect, peelable or printed.

Performance overview:

  • Barrier films maintain freshness character of tarte flambée
  • Products look appetizing and appealing
  • Packaging enables catering trade to pursue strategically optimal purchasing policy
  • Enables preparation intervals allowing restaurant owners to operate independently of actual guest numbers
  • Uncontrolled gas exchange is reliably prevented

Have you chosen to package your tarte flambée with our products? We look forward to advising you. Simply give us a call or write to us.

BARF food remains fresh with ALLVAC barrier films

Many dogs enjoy BARF food, as it is made especially for them. Dogs fed with BARF benefit from a sophisticated composition of fresh and frozen meat, offal, bones and fish – a mix that is considered to be particularly healthy. It is supplemented with fruit and vegetables and fed raw. Grain products and feed additives can be mixed in as desired. BARF manufacturers promise that this particular type of dog food contains the appropriate amount of energy and nutrients and ensures good digestibility for the four-legged friend.

Barrier film for high-quality dog food

Dog lovers buy BARF, a considerably sensitive packaging product, in the specialised trade, where it is offered fresh or deep frozen in vacuum packaging. ALLVAC composite films offer – due to their high barrier properties – this type of dog food a reliable packaging that can also be supplied in printed variants. BARF food is preserved by means of steam sterilisation, which is a process that can do without preserving agents.

Performance overview:

  • BARF food is offered in both fresh and deep-frozen vacuum packaging
  • Retains its freshness character due to the efficient barrier properties of the film
  • Flavour, nutrients and vitamins are preserved
  • BARF looks appetizing
  • Can also be supplied with imprints

Are you a manufacturer of BARF food and do you intend to package it with our high-performance PA/PE barrier films? We look forward to advising you. Just give us a call or write to us.

ALLVAC barrier films for crispy bread and delicious pastries

Consumers appreciate it when they can enjoy fresh bread and pastries regardless of retail opening hours. Pre-baked rolls, baguettes or Ciabatta, packaged in high-quality barrier films, are always a sure treat. The packaged products keep fresh for a long time, are protected from environmental influences, such as moisture, germs and spores, and can be baked and consumed at any time. The oxygen barrier of our composite films extends the shelf life of the products and also preserves the flavours of flat bread and even cake. The products are often packaged with protective gas (MAP) to ensure that their freshness is fully preserved. Tarte flambée or pizza with variable toppings, packaged in ALLVAC films, is another classic to be found on supermarket shelves.

High barrier films protect bread and pastries

We recommend our PA/PE (EVOH) high barrier film for packaging fresh bread and pastries. The EVOH (ethyl vinyl alcohol) protects the products against moisture as well as drying out and provides a reliable aroma barrier based on PE. It prevents uncontrolled gas exchange while it maintains the packaging atmosphere that has previously been adapted to the product requirements. Its gloss ensures an aesthetic product presentation. Due to its excellent skin-sealing properties (full-surface sealing) there is no risk of air leakage and its high puncture resistance ensures that even rustic bread and bakery products are securely packaged.

Performance overview:

  • Bread rolls, baguettes or ciabatta bread remain flavourful and fresh
  • Germs and spores need not be concerned
  • Barrier film prevents the penetration of oxygen or moisture
  • Can be printed with advertising message and product information
  • Convincingly appetizing at the POS

Which kind of bread or pastry do you intend to package? We look forward to advising you! Just give us a call or write to us.

Convenience: Delicious meals packaged in ALLVAC films

The recipes are excellent, the ingredients fresh and tasty. Now the caterer is faced with the important question: How do we bring the perfect quality and freshness of food to the guests’ plates? There are many small, colourful and transparent cups, bags and boxes, which can increasingly be found as “to-go products” on supermarket shelves. Salads, sushi, vegetables, sandwiches, wraps and soups are available as convenience food to go.

Convenience = ready-made foods

Convenience stands for ready-made foods in which manufacturers take over defined processing steps. The consumer only needs to heat, bake, mix or even open the packaged food. Canteen kitchens are increasingly offering ready-made meals that provide a tasty lunch in offices, senior citizens’ and nursing homes or in schools. The advantage of convenience: the supplier can design flexible concepts that are service-oriented and do not require a great deal of effort on the part of the consumer to eat well. The numerous advantages have ensured that convenience products have become a worldwide boom.

Thermoformed packaging

Convenience products are also packaged in barrier films from ALLVAC, which, as thermoformed containers, enable uncomplicated and efficient packaging. In the company’s own application technology centre, sample packs can be designed with original products and original films, which can later also be presented to the trade. There it is also examined whether and how food interacts with the film. In the laboratory, aspects of the opening behaviour of packs, film thickness measurements or film composite analyses can be investigated and analysed.

ALLVAC’s range of films includes variants for baking products such as rolls, bread, pizza or tarte flambée, but also for soups, sauce dishes, frozen products or complete meals that are heated in the packaging.

Performance overview:

  • Offices, retirement and nursing homes or schools benefit from convenience products
  • Delicious lunch packaged in ALLVAC barrier films
  • Meals can be heated within the film
  • Facilitate daily kitchen routine
  • Optimize purchasing strategy

Which products in the convenience segment do you intend to package? We look forward to advising you. Just give us a call or write to us.