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Coextrusion casts ALLVAC’s high-quality PA/PE barrier films

In addition to blow extrusion, coextrusion has become one of the conventional foil production processes. In coextrusion, also known as cast film extrusion, the melt exits a wide-slot nozzle, is then cooled on a chill roll to be further processed. Various materials for films are combined on coextrusion plants.

All our film types are based on polyamide (PA) and polyethylene (PE) and can be refined in such a way that they can safely be used as primary packaging for foodstuffs.

Excellent consistency by coextrusion

Coextrusion offers high productivity. The foils feature an outstanding quality consistency, which is an essential prerequisite for optimum foil performance in further processing. The foils produced in the coextrusion process offer perfect surface gloss and a high level of transparency, due to fast cooling. They are flexible and yet extremely puncture-resistant. Their reliable machinability in thermoforming processes such as deep-drawing is a matter of course. Our systems score with their high output, thickness tolerance and the visual as well as functional properties of the film.

Excellent thermoforming and barrier properties

Our thermoforming PA/PE films consist of several layers of PA and PE alternately. Depending on the task, the formulation can be changed by additional additives, which subsequently affect the composite film’s properties.

Our customers use barrier films for the production of flexible packaging for the food industry, medical applications as well as the consumption sector. Their outstanding barrier properties reliably protect the product’s aroma and, at the same time, prevent the penetration of moisture and air. They are also used as lidding films for MAP packaging.

The achievements of coextrusion:

  • Conventional manufacturing process of foil production
  • Foil is being cast
  • Melt exits a wide-slot nozzle, is then cooled on a chill roll to be further processed
  • Film is considered perfectly safe as food packaging
  • Coextrusion is highly efficient in terms of productivity

Do you have any questions in regards to coextrusion? We will be happy to advise you. Simply give us a call or write to us.