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Thermoforming films from ALLVAC are suitable for classic applications

ALLVAC specialises in the production of PA/PE composite films. Their application possibilities are as versatile as the film types themselves. Packaging foodstuffs, such as fresh meat, sausages, cheese, fish, seafood, but also baked goods and pastries, eggs, tofu and BARF food are among the classic applications of our thermoforming films. They all benefit from the first-class quality which is ensured by the careful selection of high-grade raw materials from innovative, renowned suppliers. We consistently do without plasticizers and invest a lot in continuous improvements to film structure and production methods.

Individual solutions for classic applications

It is a matter of course that we respond to our customers’ requirements individually in order to find the perfectly matching classic application. Our large variety therefore includes not only transparent but also tinted, printable, peelable and antifogging films. For special applications, we can offer you our SURLYN® or EVOH high-barrier films. The extensive range of products we keep in stock ensures that we can reliably meet your demands, if necessary also on short notice.


Our quality characteristics:

  • Optimum, aesthetic product presentation
  • High degree of transparency
  • Excellent shrinking properties
  • Low juice separation
  • First-class skin sealing properties in full-surface sealing: no product fluids between top and bottom film layer
  • Very good machinability for exceptional ease of processing
  • High barrier values
  • Optimum, constant product protection through controlled residual wall thicknesses – even when packaging items with extreme shapes
  • Suitable for MAP packaging
  • Option to increase shelf life: High barrier composite films

Do you have any questions about the classic applications of our composite films?
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