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ALLVAC brings sustainability to life for our planet and us humans

Everyone at ALLVAC takes the important issue of sustainability seriously. All of us are highly motivated and committed to meeting the respective requirements in cooperation with our sister companies ALLFO and BREVAC: a common staff pool, a common residue and energy management and a uniform self-image as employer and partner of customers and suppliers. This self-conception with regard to the sustainability of our corporate alliance is not least appreciated by our customers benefitting from first-class packaging solutions.


Sustainability requires innovative packaging solutions

We at ALLVAC are aware of the fact that according to a large food retailer approximately 11 million tons of food go to waste in Germany alone each year and need to be disposed of. This makes it even more important for us to develop innovative packaging to help to conserve food while saving the resources of our planet at the same time. Preserving food and securing it for consumption is an important motive for our team in the development of our packaging solutions. We are therefore convinced to support "Save Food", the initiative of the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO) in their fight against the worldwide waste of food.

Values for human interaction

Our values as an owner-managed family business reflect this sense of responsibility with regard to the complex aspects of sustainability. These values can be experienced at first hand in the daily interaction between company management, specialists and managers and even our trainees. We all pull together, especially when it comes to living the concept of sustainability through contemporary business practices. This enables us to secure jobs, create a good and motivating working atmosphere and encourage healthy ecological ambition with a mutual awareness for sustainable ecology, economy and social responsibility towards people and our planet.

Aligning our group of companies under the banner of sustainability is thus of utmost importance for us and we are aware of the fact that it is not a sure-fire success. In addition to state-of-the-art technology, we pay close attention to material and energy efficiency, not only for ecological but also for economic reasons.

Residue management and recycling

Residual materials originating from the production of our composite films are painstakingly sorted while its quota is carefully monitored in the framework of our waste management. Any unavoidable production waste is subject to recycling.


Energy management according to ISO 50001

Due to the fact that our production processes are very energy-intensive and energy efficiency is of utmost importance, we have been able to install an extensive energy management system utilising ISO 50001. Our monthly energy monitoring compiles and analyses statistics concerning consumption of electric energy. We are especially interested in our principal customers’ individual energy flows. By monitoring these energy flows we are able to recognise changes systematically and react to them selectively. We use heat recovery to heat our rooms. This way, the heat generated during our production processes can be utilized sensibly and in an environmentally-friendly manner. We have replaced all incandescent light bulbs with LEDs which are more energy efficient and provide a better working light.

Sustainability for human interaction

For us, sustainability also means human interaction. Laws provide us with a framework for a fair and responsible business policy and for this reason we gladly adhere to them. In addition we have joined the GKV Code of Conduct. This code comprises competition law, global guidelines concerning human and labour rights as well as ethical and social principles. It can be downloaded here.

In order to be economically successful, it is vital for us to satisfy our customers and to see to it that their demands concerning quality, safety and legality are met. In order to accomplish this, we have assigned an internal sales representative to each customer who is in charge of daily communication with the respective client.


We live in a world in which ALLVAC composite film packaging solutions make a positive contribution to an ecologically sensible and economically profitable commitment. As employers we also feel socially committed to this claim. That is why we can emphasise: Sustainability and our production of composite films are living reality at ALLVAC.

More details can be found in our sustainability report 2021