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Our BRC Global Standard certification ensures food safety

As manufacturer of high-quality barrier films, we deliver our products all over the world. It goes without saying that we comply with international standards accordingly. Our films are certified BRC Global Standard, the highest safety level for the food industry. ALLVAC fulfils all hygiene criteria of the BRC Global Standard. The internationally recognised certification was initiated by the “Brand Reputation through Compliance” (BRC) and defines the requirements for food safety. The standard is aimed at food manufacturers who primarily produce goods for the British market, but also for parts of Asia or the USA.


BRC Global Standard for Food Safety

Firstly, this concerns the manufacturers directly, i.e. slaughterhouses, butcheries or other producers of industrially manufactured food, but also manufacturers of finished products as well as processing companies that package open foodstuffs. The BRC Global Standard for Food Safety certification is intended to ensure quality and safety throughout the supply chain. And for our customers, this certification is crucial to their success. Under these aspects you are certainly on the safe side when choosing our films.  
Do you have questions with regard to our BRC Global Standard certification? Please let us know! Simply give us a call or write to us.