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High puncture resistance is provided by several films from ALLVAC

Spareribs, chops or smoked and cured ribs are a delicious treat for many. They have, however, one disadvantage in common: The meat adheres to pointed bones. Even smoked ham often presents a challenge to packagers. To ensure that these products are still safely packaged before being sold, they require robust packaging that presents the products in such a mouth-watering way that the consumers are enticed to purchase them.

ALLVAC’s flexible, co-extruded PA/PP/P/PE medium barrier composite film, for example, which is not only highly transparent but also features an outstanding puncture resistance, ensures these important attributes. This is due not least to polypropylene (PP), a thermoplastic, semi-crystalline and non-polar plastic. It has similar properties to polyethylene, but is harder and more heat-resistant. Composite films including this additive are ideal for extreme thermoforming applications and offer reliable product protection.

Safe packaging of smoked ham

Smoked, air-dried hams such as Black Forest ham, Prosciutto Crudo, Parma ham, Jamón Ibérico or Serrano ham are packaged with this type of film. The popular spare ribs as well as bone packaging are also classic applications. Even deep-frozen products remain reliably protected and appear brilliantly in shop counters when packaged in this film.


Composite films with high puncture resistance in various thicknesses and widths

Our flexible, co-extruded PET/PA/PE medium barrier composite films feature an equally high puncture resistance and can also be used as base films. Like all ALLVAC films, it is available from stock in various thicknesses and widths, depending on requirements. If you want to achieve high puncture resistance, long shelf life and optimum aroma retention for your products, ALLVAC’s flexible, co-extruded PA/PE (EVOH) high barrier composite film is the right choice. This film type is based on polyamide and polyethylene. EVOH (ethyl vinyl alcohol) is an additional PE-based aroma barrier. It guarantees the preservation of the taste of the package contents. Baked rolls or tasty fresh pasta are reliably protected from moisture and oxygen when packaged in this film.

The benefits in overview:

  • Enable packaging of pointed bones or spare ribs
  • Products arrive safely packaged in the trade
  • Ideally suited for extreme thermoforming applications
  • Applicable with all types of ham

Which of your products requires packaging with a highly puncture resistant film?
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