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ALLVAC passes on a lot of knowledge and practical experience to customers in training courses

Packaging processes are complex while the features and applications of our first-class quality PA/PE composite films are versatile. For this very reason we offer our customers training courses on a regular basis and by individual arrangement. Training courses take place either in our in-house application technology centre in Waltenhofen or in the customer’s production environment. In addition to basic training on the type and composition of our films, we also tailor the content to the individual requirements of our customers in advance.

Furthermore, we create a high level of customer benefit through the training of our sales staff, as they guarantee optimum consultation with regard to our products and services. However, we also pass on our knowledge and experience to our partners from industry and science in order to work jointly on solutions for the requirements of the packaging industry.

Different training needs

We are aware that different target groups usually have very different needs, both in terms of the level of knowledge and the learning behaviour during our training courses. Our face-to-face trainings, our information materials and consulting are all accordingly professional. With this proven combination, we create a continuous knowledge building for you and your staff – in practice and in theory.

We share our expertise with you:

  • We pass on our experience and know-how
  • We share our understanding about optimal product protection
  • Test runs at our in-house application technology centre
  • Tests performed in our clients’ production environment
  • Basic training courses on the type and composition of our films


Would you like to receive further information on our training courses?
Please do not hesitate to call or write to us. We will be happy to advise you.