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Optimum meat adhesion in boiling processes thanks to ALLVAC films

Packaging for cooked ham requires one thing in particular: optimum meat adhesion. This is ensured by the SURLYN® sealing layer, an essential component of our flexible PA/PE/ SURLYN® medium barrier composite film. The innovative sealing layer is based on ionomers which form a reversible cross-linking. They dissolve at usual processing temperatures and form again during the cooling phase. This particular film type therefore features both optimal shrinking properties and excellent meat adhesion, and, at the same time, prevents the formation of jelly or weight reduction during the boiling process.


No leakage of meat juice or jelly

During the boiling process, the composite film develops a bond with the surface of the meat (meat adhesion) and thus not only reduces the leakage of jelly, e. g. from ham, but also prevents juice separation as well as undesirable loss of weight. The unique material sealing properties ensure that the packaging remains tightly sealed in the event that the sealing area becomes coated with water, fat or other product fluids, even at low sealing temperatures. An additional advantage of our SURLYN® composite film is its outstanding mechanical strength, reliably preventing air leakage, even when used for packaging sharp-edged or pointed products.


The advantages of our PA/PE/SURLYN® medium barrier composite film

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