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The shelf life of food is increased by films from ALLVAC

Foods spoil, too many of them are disposed of every day. The aim of packaging is to prevent spoilage for as long as possible. To achieve this, packaging must provide certain functions: Preserving aroma, quality and freshness, preventing moisture, oxygen and other environmental influences from penetrating and protecting the product from transport damage. ALLVAC barrier films make a significant contribution in primarily securing food and increasing its shelf life. The high-quality barrier films are used to produce thermoformed packaging, vacuum bags, packaging for maturing cheese, cooking aids and product fixings to optimise transport. In addition to increased shelf life, the composite films also ensure a perfect market image, as they brilliantly enhance the products’ appearance at the point of sale.


Increased shelf life through PA/PE composite films

We invest all our experience in the shelf life of your products and have been producing PA/PE composite films without plasticisers for food packaging since 1992. Increased shelf life of meat and meat products, cooked ham, fish and seafood or cheese does not remain our company’s promise to you, but is living reality. Our product range to increase the shelf life of food includes tinted, printable, peelable and antifog films. Furthermore, we produce either SURLYN® or EVOH high barrier composites, which we recommend for applications requiring very long shelf lives. Our extensive stock programme is a guarantee for you for a continuous supply and speedy deliveries, also on short notice if required.


Extensive know-how and a fair price-performance ratio

Customers from the food industry throughout Europe appreciate our consulting know-how and our short delivery times. We implement your task quickly, efficiently and at a fair price-performance ratio. As an important sign of quality and hygiene, BRC certification is a matter of course for us.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Prevent premature food spoilage
  • Extend the shelf life expiration date
  • Resilient quality
  • Protect during transport
  • Protect against contamination, bacteria, germs and moisture

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