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Trading partners sell ALLVAC composite films worldwide

ALLVAC is not only a valued supplier of high-quality PA/PE composite films in German-speaking countries, but is also experiencing growing popularity worldwide. The export share of the company’s turnover is consistently increasing. 95 percent of the export share is handled by trading partners who provide personal customer support on site and respond to all issues in regard to packaging with ALLVAC’s flexible barrier films. The trading partners supply wholesalers, retail chains or industrial companies worldwide.

Increasing cooperation with international trading partners

The increase in export share and the growing cooperation with trading partners around the globe is based on the fact that the high level in food packaging and equally in technical packaging, which has long since established itself beyond the borders of Germany, is setting a precedent internationally.


Den Anstieg des Exportanteils und die wachsende Zusammenarbeit mit Handelspartnern rund um den Globus begründet der Trend, dass das hohe Niveau der Lebensmittelverpackung im deutschsprachigen Raum, aber auch das der technischen Verpackungen Schule macht.

North and South America, South Africa, the Middle East but also Eastern Europe and Asia are among the fastest growing markets worldwide. The benefit of high-quality barrier films from ALLVAC used on packaging machines to produce food-preserving wrapping is spreading across borders. Close cooperation with internationally positioned manufacturers of packaging machines also promotes worldwide success.


Promising model for success

Our international trading partners work closely with our company headquarters, where also individual product requests of international customers can be put to test in our in-house laboratory and application technology centre. The certified quality of our production, first-class raw materials and our sustainable corporate policy are just as well received by customers abroad, thus making the cooperation with ALLVAC a promising success model for international trading partners.

Our trading partners provide such services:

  • 95 percent of the export share is handled via trading partners
  • Trading partners supply wholesale trade, retail chains or industrial companies worldwide
  • Growing cooperative efforts with international trading partners
  • Trade partners partially handle customer support

Do you have questions about our international company policy and our export?
Please do not hesitate to call or write to us.

ALLFO uses ALLVAC films for vacuum bag production

As European market leader, ALLFO produces and distributes high-quality vacuum bags, which are mainly made of films from ALLVAC. The entire process chain is covered, from film development to extrusion and confectioning. The extensive bag assortment includes numerous types, from side-seal bags, shrink and tubular bags to cook-in bags, stand-up pouches and multilayer bags. All bags are quickly available in various sizes and thicknesses, even in large quantities. This is ensured not least by the company’s high storage capacity. Around 200 different bag types share approximately 3500 pallet spaces. Bestselling item is the side-seal bag in a film thickness of 90my, of which about 140 different sizes are available in stock. 

Packaging solutions for food

Individual packaging solutions, produced upon customer request, are another trademark of ALLFO. These individual solutions are promoted by the fast and flexible production, which guarantees shortest delivery times and thus maximum supply security. Particularly the food industry benefits from the bag solutions in which meat, sausages, cheese, corn and sous-vide dishes are packaged. But also for non-food applications, e.g. in pharmaceutics, medical technology, cosmetics, chemistry and the packaging of technical products, ALLFO vacuum packaging is ideally suited. ALLFO pays particular attention to practical opening aids that facilitate individual removal of the products and are not only suitable for pourable or free-flowing goods. 

ALLFO delivers worldwide

The vacuum bags are delivered worldwide. ALLFO holds internationally valid certifications, such as the important hygiene certification BRC Global Standard, where it has been proven to meet the criteria of the category: High Hygiene Risk. The certificate is valid for the production of food-safe packaging and certifies its harmlessness. Bags with high-performance barrier properties for meat, cheese, fish and non-food products are increasingly in demand not only in industrialized countries, but also in emerging markets. Approximately 60 percent of the vacuum bags are therefore now exported. Above all, the food industry is a frequent visitor to the versatile range of products, because the primary concern is to transport sensitive products such as meat and fish safely and to preserve them even under demanding climatic conditions. Worldwide service and high availability not only ensure that this requirement is met, but also a maximum availability of all bag types.

More information about ALLFO at allfo.de

Multilayer tubular films from BREVAC

BREVAC produces multilayer blown film, which is distributed by ALLVAC and used by ALLFO, inter alia, for the manufacture of vacuum bags. Tubular films, manufactured without side seams, are an attractive and at the same time flexible packaging solution whose advantages are particularly evident in the length. BREVAC’s tubular films are particularly in demand in the food industry thanks to their excellent barrier properties. Both meat and cheese products can be packaged safely and attractively at the same time.

20 metre high melting tube

The production of barrier films from BREVAC takes place on state-of-the-art extruders on which the liquid plastics are blown upwards. For this purpose, the melt is pressed through a tool with an annular nozzle. This creates a melting tube, which can be up to 20 metres high, is inflated with air and then hardened again with cold air. The strong tubular film produced is then guided over a roller system and, if required, cut, wound up or further processed. In any case, this process is the oldest for foil production, which in this case also incorporates BREVAC’s decades of experience. The size to which the tube is inflated also defines the width and thickness of the film tube.

BREVAC films are extremely versatile

BREVAC produces films with up to eighteen layers, which are superimposed on each other by means of a blowing head. This results in the high barrier properties of the films. The films are produced for very different applications. Tinted films or variants with extraordinary mechanical strength or special gloss are part of BREVAC’s standard program.

Do you have questions about the tubular films of our sister company? Then do not hesitate to call or write to us. We will be glad to advise you.