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Flexo print designs films from ALLVAC with up to ten colours

Our portfolio includes effective flexo printing, which is characterised by its brilliant colours and high quality and is applied onto our flexible thermoforming packaging films. Flexo printing is used to perfectly design medium-sized film batches in up to ten colours – on surfaces or as interlayer printings. The plastic printing plates are glued onto the printing cylinder in an assembly device using double-sided special adhesive tape. The ink transfer from the cliché to the foil and the intensity of the inks are calculated digitally in order to avoid errors in the print image.


The print data are checked extremely carefully and the error rate is thus reduced to an absolute minimum. Due to the continuous improvement of the printing plates, adhesive systems and also the ink transfer by doctored anilox rollers, flexo printing today achieves an imaging quality that almost compares with gravure printing. The result is a perfectly looking film to boost your products’ success on the market.

Characteristics at a glance:

  • Highly effective due to brilliant colours
  • Up to ten colours
  • For surfaces or as interlayer printing
  • Careful verification of print data
  • Perfect look for your products


Do you have any questions about flexo printing? We look forward to your call or your mail.