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Individual project development at ALLVAC is product-oriented

The initial objective is to get the product from the manufacturer to the consumer. In order for the product to arrive at its final destination safely, fully functional and in top quality, its packaging requires an equally high level of quality. The starting point for packaging is therefore not the barrier film, but the product to be packaged. Experience and knowledge of these aspects form the basis of our project development. We know: The products to be packaged from the food and non-food sectors are very diverse and therefore include very different requirements for our composite films.

Product-specific packaging solution

Regardless of whether an entire loaf of cheese ripens in its packaging or an innovative composite film is used to protect ham or spareribs – the aim is often not only to protect packaged products but also to present them attractively at the point of sale.

This is why every sophisticated packaging solution is basically a product-specific development in which the conditions of the product determine the development direction. Production volume, production conditions, the distribution system and the marketing needs of the respective manufacturer must be included in this development as parameters for a tailor-made packaging solution. In product development at ALLVAC, these parameters are clarified in advance so that an optimal result is achieved. As soon as all relevant information is available, aspects such as the lowest possible material consumption and costs or an attractive presentation of the product can be taken into account.

Project development means:
Jointly with our customer

To begin with, all these questions lead to project development, in which we work as closely as possible with our customers. This cooperation can either take place at the customer’s site or in our in-house application technology centre. This is where the synergies of all those involved are bundled and innovative packaging solutions are developed, precisely tailored to the requirements of the respective customer. Here at the latest, materials are tested on our thermoforming packaging machine while the customer is advised on the optimum packaging materials. In cooperation with our laboratory, aspects such as requirements for barrier properties and shelf life of the product to be packaged are tested. Ultimately, the interaction of a particular film with a particular food must be determined empirically. The result is a first-class quality packaging solution that merits the name ALLVAC.

Our expertise is your benefit:

  • The product to be packaged is our initial focus
  • Experience and know-how are the basis of our project development
  • The aim is to protect products perfectly by their packaging
  • Individual development and production
  • Functional tests in the company’s in-house application technology centre

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