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The production of ALLVAC is based on modern machinery

The production of our thermoforming barrier films is implemented in two different processes: blow extrusion to produce blown films and cast extrusion for casting the films. The choice of process depends on the desired efficiency, the final application and the required film properties, such as film thickness, gas barrier level, film strength and sealing capabilities.


Production of blown and cast films

Cast extrusion lines are extremely economical for large batch sizes and score well when it comes to producing composite films with a high level of transparency and thickness.


The efficient cooling process makes them particularly suitable for thermoforming applications. If, on the other hand, formats and film thicknesses are to be used, for example, as lid films, the flexibility of blow extrusion as part of our production is most advantageous due to its capability of speedy format changes. The systems’ lower cooling rates result in more crystalline films that can be produced with a particular stiffness.

11 layers according to the latest formulas

ALLVAC’s response to the trend towards multilayer systems is the coextrusion line, which has been integrated in production recently, allowing the manufacture of composite films with up to 11 layers in accordance with the latest formulas. With its modern and sustainable machinery, ALLVAC can thus cover the entire spectrum of barrier films for packaging in food production.


A lot of experience in production

In production, we also benefit from our experience, as we have been manufacturing PA/PE composite films for food packaging since 1992 and have since specialised consistently in high-quality film solutions for meat and sausage products, cooked ham, fish and seafood as well as cheese. Customers from the food and pharmaceutical industries throughout Europe appreciate our consulting know-how, high flexibility and short delivery times. We implement your task quickly, efficiently and at a fair price-performance ratio. As an important sign of quality and hygiene, BRC certification is a matter of course for us.


Our production in overview:

  • Two different procedures
  • Blow extrusion for blown films
  • Cast extrusion, when film sheet is to be cast
  • Cast extrusion lines are highly economical for large batch sizes
  • Blow extrusion scores in manufacturing lid films

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