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ALLVAC films make vegetables appetizingly long-lasting

Vegetables and potatoes are popular foods. They are freshly prepared, but also preserved varieties are coveted by consumers and in the catering trade. Potatoes, beetroot or corn are among the classics that can be preserved for a long time without losing their appetizing appearance with ALLVAC’s innovative barrier films. Potatoes and vegetables benefit from different packaging processes.

Different cut patterns for canteen kitchens

Potatoes are processed into peeled raw or pre-cooked potatoes in various “cut patterns” for canteen kitchens. These can then be further processed by the catering companies. In order to prevent the potatoes from oxidizing or spoiling, vacuum films from ALLVAC are required to give these products a perfect thermoforming packaging. The potatoes can not only be vacuum packed with ALLVAC barrier films, but also be packaged in a protective gas atmosphere (MAP process).

Appealing vegetables at the point of sale

Corn and beetroot, on the other hand, are present at the point of sale, so that their packaging must not only tolerate sterilization of the vegetables at 121°C, but should also subsequently encourage purchase. In the classic sterilization process, the germs on the surfaces of the vegetables are destroyed by high temperature. This means, for example, that corn cobs can be consumed without any risk even after a long period in the vegetable shelves of supermarkets. ALLVAC barrier films can be used to treat vegetables at very high temperatures for up to one hour and are therefore ideal for high-quality vacuum packaging. Their excellent transparency ensures a perfect appearance at the point of sale.

High pressure against germs

Also preservation by means of high-pressure treatment (HPP – High pressure processing) is conceivable with ALLVAC films, as harmful germs and microorganisms on the food are inactivated and reduced by a high pressure of up to 6000 bar. This allows the shelf life of vegetables to be significantly extended without the use of heat or preserving agents. In addition to improving the shelf life and product safety, high-pressure treatment also makes these products more attractive to health-conscious consumers, as no food additives need to be used.

Performance overview:

  • Potatoes, beetroot or corncobs receive a long shelf life when packaged in innovative barrier films from ALLVAC
  • Sterilized vegetables remain delicious and keep their appetizing appearance
  • Barrier film tolerates temperatures from -40°C to +121°C
  • Great benefit for catering trade and canteen kitchens
  • High pressure processing (HPP) with ALLVAC films possible

Do you have any questions about the various processes and our composite films? We will be pleased to advise you on the appropriate process for your vegetables. Just give us a call or write to us.