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ALLVAC composite films for reliable packaging of fish and seafood

Fish and seafood are particularly sensitive foods that must be processed with utmost care at every stage of production. This also applies to the packaging process, where no compromises can be made in terms of hygiene. An issue well known by relevant production companies, which often dedicate themselves to the processing of fish and seafood with a large “vertical range of manufacture”. The be-all and end-all is not only the hygiene and speed of processing, but also the packaging.

Seafood retains its freshness

Thermoforming films from ALLVAC are the perfect packaging material for fish and seafood in regards to these requirements, as they keep shellfish and crustaceans fresh for longer. In addition, thermoformed packaging made of ALLVAC barrier films is especially suitable for display on supermarket self-service shelves, as it remains perfectly in shape and is reliably leak-proof.

Fish packaging fit for cooking

Fish is often cut and shock-frozen while still on the ship. The frozen fish are sawn into blocks and vacuum packed. In addition, frozen fish meals in packaging fit for cooking are an important mainstay of the fish industry, as the prefabricated dishes are very popular with consumers. Preparation is simple and always successful. ALLVAC composite films suitable for cooking processes not only tolerate high temperatures, but also lose none of their outstanding performance properties at temperatures as low as minus 40°C.

Performance overview:

  • Uncompromising in terms of hygiene
  • Outstanding puncture resistance for shellfish and crustaceans
  • Ideal for freshly caught fish
  • Temperature tolerance from -40°C to +121°C
  • Perfect vacuum packaging for blocks

Do you intend to package fish or seafood under vacuum? We will be pleased to advise you. Just give us a call or write to us.