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Tofu and other meat substitutes are perfectly protected with ALLVAC films

Tofu originally comes from Asia, a soya quark that is easy to slice. Today, tofu is a worldwide popular substitute for meat and facilitates modern vegetarian and vegan cuisine. Tofu is made from soy milk, drained at the end of the manufacturing process and cut into blocks. The production process of the meat substitute is reminiscent of cheese production and available in different variations.

Tofu requires a packaging film with best sealing properties

Silken tofu is particularly suitable for the production of desserts, while sponge tofu is usually filled and fried. The classic can also be found in the refrigerated shelves in numerous variations. Composed with herbs, smoked or spicy, it is generally available in the form of small blocks packaged under vacuum. Since tofu is often packed in a little brine, the composite film in which the soya quark is packaged must not only protect it from oxygen and during transport, but also provide the best sealing properties – which ALLVAC barrier films can guarantee.

Meat substitutes packaged in ALLVAC films have a longer shelf life

Temeh is an equally popular meat substitute from Indonesia and is sold as a block in thermoformed packaging made of ALLVAC barrier film. Traditionally Temeh is made from whole, steamed and peeled soybeans fermented with mushroom cultures. Seitan, on the other hand, is a meat substitute made from wheat protein (gluten). The consistency of this meat substitute is slightly firmer than tofu and sometimes slightly fibrous. All tofu and meat substitute products in vacuum packaging made of ALLVAC films benefit from safe packaging that not only protects but also convinces at the point of sale.

Performance overview:

  • Best sealing properties despite contamination with brine
  • Protects against oxygen and during transport
  • Packaging can be imprinted
  • Freshness character of the products is fully preserved
  • Convincing look at the POS

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