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Tarte flambée retains its delicious taste for longer with ALLVAC films

Tarte flambée is a popular specialty not only in Alsace, Baden or the Palatinate region. The very thin base of bread dough is traditionally layered with raw onions, bacon and sour cream, lightly seasoned with salt and pepper. The delicious ensemble is baked at high temperatures for a relatively short time and preferably enjoyed with a glass of wine. Tarte flambée is nowadays just as established in the refrigerated shelves of supermarkets as it is on numerous menus in street cafés, bistros and restaurants. The supply chain is correspondingly large, as tarte flambée is produced on a grand scale.

Barrier films for tarte flambée

The fresh specialties, which have long been available in numerous spicy and sweet varieties, are packaged and supplied in barrier films from ALLVAC. The films retain the freshness character of tarte flambée and ensure an appetising appearance in the refrigerated shelves. Gastronomy also benefits from this high-performance packaging, as it enables a strategically optimal purchasing policy in terms of money and time. The high-quality PA/PE barrier films applied to package the flat delicacies provide for a preparation frequency enabling gastronomists to be independent of the actual number of guests, due to the significantly extended shelf life of the product.

High barrier for controlled gas exchange

We recommend our PA/PE (EVOH) high barrier composite film for packaging these particular specialties. The film prevents uncontrolled gas exchange and thus creates a packaging atmosphere exactly tailored to the product requirements. Our high barrier composite films are available either with anti-fog effect, peelable or printed.

Performance overview:

  • Barrier films maintain freshness character of tarte flambée
  • Products look appetizing and appealing
  • Packaging enables catering trade to pursue strategically optimal purchasing policy
  • Enables preparation intervals allowing restaurant owners to operate independently of actual guest numbers
  • Uncontrolled gas exchange is reliably prevented

Have you chosen to package your tarte flambée with our products? We look forward to advising you. Simply give us a call or write to us.