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BARF food remains fresh with ALLVAC barrier films

Many dogs enjoy BARF food, as it is made especially for them. Dogs fed with BARF benefit from a sophisticated composition of fresh and frozen meat, offal, bones and fish – a mix that is considered to be particularly healthy. It is supplemented with fruit and vegetables and fed raw. Grain products and feed additives can be mixed in as desired. BARF manufacturers promise that this particular type of dog food contains the appropriate amount of energy and nutrients and ensures good digestibility for the four-legged friend.

Barrier film for high-quality dog food

Dog lovers buy BARF, a considerably sensitive packaging product, in the specialised trade, where it is offered fresh or deep frozen in vacuum packaging. ALLVAC composite films offer – due to their high barrier properties – this type of dog food a reliable packaging that can also be supplied in printed variants. BARF food is preserved by means of steam sterilisation, which is a process that can do without preserving agents.

Performance overview:

  • BARF food is offered in both fresh and deep-frozen vacuum packaging
  • Retains its freshness character due to the efficient barrier properties of the film
  • Flavour, nutrients and vitamins are preserved
  • BARF looks appetizing
  • Can also be supplied with imprints

Are you a manufacturer of BARF food and do you intend to package it with our high-performance PA/PE barrier films? We look forward to advising you. Just give us a call or write to us.