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ALLVAC films significantly extend the shelf life of poultry

Poultry is becoming increasingly popular. In addition to its low price, white meat convinces consumers with its low calories and easy digestibility. Chicken clearly leads the popularity scale. It is followed by turkey, duck and goose. Aside from pure muscle meat, poultry cuts, offal and numerous poultry meat products are offered. Manufacturers know that poultry is one of the perishable foods that can quickly cause food infections. Care is therefore particularly important when processing poultry. This also includes the packaging process so that Campylobacter or Salmonella don’t have a chance contaminating the product. Barrier films from ALLVAC have proven their value in packaging poultry safely, resulting in extending its shelf life significantly.  Due to the high transparency of the film and its captivating gloss, the products look appetising in the refrigerated shelves.

Poultry appears brilliantly at the Point of Sale

For poultry we have more than just one film to offer. Your purchase decision always depends on the task at hand. The versatile spectrum ranges from whole chickens, ducks or geese to turkey legs or muscle pieces. In order to present your products optimally at the point of sale, we suggest our flexible, co-extruded PA/PE allflex S composite film, which ensures a particularly appetizing look. Equally transparent is our flexible, co-extruded PA/PP/PA/PE medium barrier composite film with high puncture resistance which makes it suitable for products with bone. In addition to polyamide and polyethylene, this type of film also comprises polypropylene (PP).

Various films for perfect packaging

Our range of composite films for packaging poultry also includes tinted, printable and peelable types as well as films equipped with antifog properties. EVOH – high barrier composites significantly extend the shelf life of your products. Our vast stock assortment ensures you a complete supply and enables short-term deliveries if required.

Performance overview:

  • Shelf life expiration date is significantly extended
  • Campylobacter or Salmonella do not stand a chance
  • Products look appetizing in refrigerated shelves
  • Versatile range: From complete chickens to muscle pieces
  • Films also available tinted, printable, peelable or coated with anti-fog

Would you like to package your poultry in our composite films? We look forward to advising you. Just give us a call or write to us.