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ALLVAC films package eggs perfectly

Eggs are an important part of our diet and their processing requires sensitivity and speed. The fragile suppliers of proteins and fats have a relatively short shelf life. To ensure that the industrial processing of eggs is efficient and hygienic, eggs are processed into various products. The food industry, bakeries, butchers, but also canteen kitchens can choose from a wide range of products required for their recipes. Our films are used to package long eggs and hard-boiled eggs. The main feature of long eggs is that the egg yolk is continuously situated on the inside while it is evenly surrounded by egg white. Long eggs replace the classic hard-boiled eggs and are equally valued in the food industry and gastronomy. Butchers use this particular shape for the production of sausages and aspic. Hard-boiled eggs, however, can be packaged in brine with ALLVAC films, for example as bulk packs on flowpack systems.

Eggs stay fresh and well in shape with ALLVAC

Eggs always require high-performance packaging that keeps germs out and the product fresh, at times even giving it a different shape. This is where ALLVAC’s packaging solutions come in, offering a higher quality than the egg shell. The AVB or allflex S composite films, for example, which are suitable for packaging eggs, are characterised by their high transparency and excellent sealing properties. The allflex E, a standard PA/EVOH/PA/PE high barrier film with eleven layers, offers even more security. Thanks to its outstanding properties, it can be used to extend the best-before date. In addition to the EVOH high barrier, which prevents the penetration of oxygen or moisture and thus the formation of germs, the allflex E is convincing due to its increased transparency and excellent formability.

Performance overview:

  • Efficient and hygienic industrial processing of eggs
  • Suitable for both long eggs and hard-boiled eggs
  • Also as bulk packaging in brine on flowpack systems
  • Germs are being kept out
  • High transparency and optimum sealing properties

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