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ALLVAC SURLYN® medium barrier composite film is ideal for the production of cooked ham

Cooked ham is very popular and in great demand. Consumers can find it in numerous recipes in every butcher’s counter and in the refrigerated shelves of supermarkets. Cooked ham consists of the muscle meat of the pork flail, which is first cured and then brewed. Depending on the recipe, the ham mass can also be smoked before cooking. In order to achieve the boiled ham’s typical shape, it is often vacuum-packed in thermoforming packaging and finally cooked in metal moulds. The allflex ION film is the ideal packaging solution for this purpose. Alternatively, there is also the allflex ION plus, which gives cooked ham its typical shape due to its excellent shrinking and recovery properties.

Sealing layer refines cooked ham

The innovative cooking film is based on its sealing layer of ionomers, which form reversible crosslinks. These dissolve at normal processing temperatures and form again during the cooling phase. This type of film therefore provides both excellent shrinking properties and meat adhesion. It not only significantly reduces jelly formation on the surface, but also, thanks to the bond between film and ham, prevents weight loss during the cooking process. Since the fluid in the ham remains where it belongs, it is juicy in the end. The excellent sealing properties of ALLVAC’s PA/PE/SURLYN® medium barrier composite film guarantees tight packaging even at low sealing temperatures, even when the sealing area has been coated with water, grease or other product fluids.

Performance overview:

  • Boilable thermoformed packaging
  • Excellent shrinkage and recovery gives cooked ham its typical shape
  • Hardly any jelly formation
  • Optimal meat adhesion
  • Attractive appearance due to transparency and high gloss

Do you have questions about the production of cooked ham with an innovative PA/PE/SURLYN® medium barrier composite film from ALLVAC? We look forward to your call or your mail.