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ALLVAC films package pointed bones securely and attractively

Spareribs or chops with pointed bones require a special material thickness for packaging to ensure that the product arrives undamaged at the customer. Accordingly, the packaging solution for these products places a lot of emphasis on the puncture resistance of the film. With the flexible, co-extrueded PA/PP/PA/PE medium barrier composite film, ALLVAC offers its customers a packaging solution for pointed bones that is not only attractive, but also strong and fits like a second skin.

Meat on the bone with increased shelf life

Regardless of whether fresh, pre-prepared or deep-frozen products are to be packaged – ALLVAC composite films meet these challenges reliably. Convincingly stable and with high barrier values, they run smoothly on all common thermoforming packaging machines. In addition to the highly valued puncture resistance, meat products with bones also benefit from the attractive appearance of the film, a feature that is particularly appreciated at the point of sale. For this purpose, the eleven layers of polyamide and polyethylene are refined with a highly transparent polypropylene inner layer. Their optimum formability and excellent sealing properties are equally in demand.

It goes without saying that the highest hygiene and quality standards are a matter of course for ALLVAC when it comes to packaging solutions for meat products with bones. ALLVAC therefore consistently complies with the hygiene and quality guidelines of the BRCGS. In addition, ALLVAC is certified according to DIN ISO 50001 and holds the GKV certificate.

Performance overview:

  • Specially designed for bone-in meat
  • For fresh, pre-prepared or deep-frozen products
  • Run smoothly on all common thermoforming packaging machines
  • Attractive appearance at the point of sale
  • Optimum forming and excellent sealing properties

Do you intend to package meat with pointed bones safely and attractively? We are looking forward to your call or your mail.