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ALLVAC barrier films for crispy bread and delicious pastries

Consumers appreciate it when they can enjoy fresh bread and pastries regardless of retail opening hours. Pre-baked rolls, baguettes or Ciabatta, packaged in high-quality barrier films, are always a sure treat. The packaged products keep fresh for a long time, are protected from environmental influences, such as moisture, germs and spores, and can be baked and consumed at any time. The oxygen barrier of our composite films extends the shelf life of the products and also preserves the flavours of flat bread and even cake. The products are often packaged with protective gas (MAP) to ensure that their freshness is fully preserved. Tarte flambée or pizza with variable toppings, packaged in ALLVAC films, is another classic to be found on supermarket shelves.

High barrier films protect bread and pastries

We recommend our PA/PE (EVOH) high barrier film for packaging fresh bread and pastries. The EVOH (ethyl vinyl alcohol) protects the products against moisture as well as drying out and provides a reliable aroma barrier based on PE. It prevents uncontrolled gas exchange while it maintains the packaging atmosphere that has previously been adapted to the product requirements. Its gloss ensures an aesthetic product presentation. Due to its excellent skin-sealing properties (full-surface sealing) there is no risk of air leakage and its high puncture resistance ensures that even rustic bread and bakery products are securely packaged.

Performance overview:

  • Bread rolls, baguettes or ciabatta bread remain flavourful and fresh
  • Germs and spores need not be concerned
  • Barrier film prevents the penetration of oxygen or moisture
  • Can be printed with advertising message and product information
  • Convincingly appetizing at the POS

Which kind of bread or pastry do you intend to package? We look forward to advising you! Just give us a call or write to us.