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Convenience: Delicious meals packaged in ALLVAC films

The recipes are excellent, the ingredients fresh and tasty. Now the caterer is faced with the important question: How do we bring the perfect quality and freshness of food to the guests’ plates? There are many small, colourful and transparent cups, bags and boxes, which can increasingly be found as “to-go products” on supermarket shelves. Salads, sushi, vegetables, sandwiches, wraps and soups are available as convenience food to go.

Convenience = ready-made foods

Convenience stands for ready-made foods in which manufacturers take over defined processing steps. The consumer only needs to heat, bake, mix or even open the packaged food. Canteen kitchens are increasingly offering ready-made meals that provide a tasty lunch in offices, senior citizens’ and nursing homes or in schools. The advantage of convenience: the supplier can design flexible concepts that are service-oriented and do not require a great deal of effort on the part of the consumer to eat well. The numerous advantages have ensured that convenience products have become a worldwide boom.

Thermoformed packaging

Convenience products are also packaged in barrier films from ALLVAC, which, as thermoformed containers, enable uncomplicated and efficient packaging. In the company’s own application technology centre, sample packs can be designed with original products and original films, which can later also be presented to the trade. There it is also examined whether and how food interacts with the film. In the laboratory, aspects of the opening behaviour of packs, film thickness measurements or film composite analyses can be investigated and analysed.

ALLVAC’s range of films includes variants for baking products such as rolls, bread, pizza or tarte flambée, but also for soups, sauce dishes, frozen products or complete meals that are heated in the packaging.

Performance overview:

  • Offices, retirement and nursing homes or schools benefit from convenience products
  • Delicious lunch packaged in ALLVAC barrier films
  • Meals can be heated within the film
  • Facilitate daily kitchen routine
  • Optimize purchasing strategy

Which products in the convenience segment do you intend to package? We look forward to advising you. Just give us a call or write to us.