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ALLVAC films protect meat and sausage products attractively and reliably

Fresh meat and sausage products are very popular with consumers, but they are also particularly sensitive packaging goods due to the fact that they can spoil quickly. At the same time, consumers prefer to purchase products, if possible, without unnecessary preserving agents. In order to guarantee a significantly extended shelf life for meat and sausage products, high-performance barrier films from ALLVAC offer the most suitable packaging solution. Not only do they keep these foods fresh for much longer, they also ensure an appetising and sales-boosting appearance at the point of sale. Wholesalers equally benefit from the high performance of our composite films, as they can be used, for example, to package even large quantities of beef optimally.

Classics for meat and sausage products

Our classic amongst our films is the co-extruded composite film with up to 11 polyamide and polyethylene layers, offering extremely high puncture resistance and a wide sealing window. It is the ideal film type when meat and sausage products require flexible packaging produced on thermoforming packaging machines. High transparency and puncture resistance are the most important properties of the flexible, co-extruded PA/PP/PA/PE medium barrier composite film from ALLVAC, making it perfect to safely and attractively package ham, Tyrolean Speck and even products with bones. This is ensured by the additive polypropylene (PP), a thermoplastic, semi-crystalline and non-polar plastic that is harder and more heat-resistant than polyethylene.
Excellent meat adhesion – no jelly formation

Cooked ham is ideally packaged in our innovative film with ionomers, ensuring optimal meat adhesion, preventing the dreaded jelly formation and maintaining the weight and thus the juiciness of the ham.

Performance overview:

  • Prevent premature spoilage
  • Protect during transport and in retail
  • Optimal presentation of your products
  • The matching film for each sausage type
  • Even meat with pointed bones is securely packed

Which product from the meat and sausage products sector would you like to package? We are looking forward to your questions! Just give us a call or write to us.