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Industry benefits from ALLVAC packaging solutions

Packaging has long ceased to be a product accessory. Rather, the quality of the packaged product stands or falls with it. For this reason, the range of packaging solutions for industrial products is becoming increasingly extensive. The packaging must make a significant contribution to safeguarding the products. This applies to a fixing packaging solution, but also to bulk materials such as screws. Barrier films from ALLVAC meet these complex market requirements and are an important component of integrated packaging concepts.

Packaging concepts for industry

Packaging concepts for industrial products usually require our consulting competence when potential customers contact us with specific packaging issues that need to be solved. Our consulting service begins with listening, so that we can offer a well-founded solution optimally tailored to the needs of our customers. Depending on requirements, an individual solution is also developed in our in-house application technology centre and laboratory and subsequently tested on a thermoforming packaging machine. There is certainly a difference whether fittings are packaged or products made of thermoset plastic (Duroplast).

Various scopes of application

Our comprehensive range of films is the starting point for a wide range of applications. Our customers benefit from an essential component of our corporate philosophy, which supports sustainable production processes by offering appropriate films and is reflected in the orientation of our product portfolio. Thanks to the processing capability of ever thinner materials and the reduction of edge trim and punching waste, the consumption of packaging material can be continuously reduced. This not only protects the environment, but also helps to reduce packaging costs. We also have films made of renewable raw materials in our range that are ideally suited as packaging for industrial products.   

Performance overview:

  • Packaging increases product value
  • Reliable product protection
  • Fixative packaging solution
  • Consulting service always starts listening to our clients
  • Well-founded solution optimally tailored to your requirements

Which product do you intend to package? We would be pleased to advise you and present our packaging solutions for the industry. Just give us a call or write to us.