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From the pointed screw to the round grain: Packaging bulk material attractively and safely

Pointed screws, compact nuts, valves, gear wheels or other small parts must fit in precisely, grip, transport or regulate perfectly. All these small components of sophisticated technologies are summarized as bulk materials. Powders and grains are also referred to as bulk materials. What they all have in common is that they require packaging that protects them from external influences, secures them during transport and convinces at the point of sale. Barrier films from ALLVAC meet these requirements and, due to their reliable puncture resistance, are also ideal for particularly pointed objects.

Bulk material in puncture resistant packaging

This is guaranteed, for example, by the flexible, co-extruded PA/PP/PA/PE medium barrier composite film from ALLVAC, which not only secures pointed screws but also convinces with its high transparency, making such products strong sellers. In this case, polypropylene (PP), a thermoplastic, semi-crystalline, non-polar plastic, provides the excellent gloss. It is harder than polyethylene and at the same time more heat-resistant. A further advantage is its extreme thermoforming capability, so that even large quantities of bulk material can be packaged with this film.

Test environment in the application technology centre

Customers who are not sure which film is best for their bulk material can find answers in the company’s in-house application technology centre. There we support our customers on their way to an ideal packaging solution. The test environment, which is optimally rounded off by the performance spectrum of ALLVAC’s laboratory, ranges from the initial idea to the concept and material selection to the technical implementation on a thermoforming packaging machine.

Performance overview:

  • Perfect protection for pointed screws, compact nuts, valves, gears or other small parts
  • Powders and grains are also referred to as bulk material
  • Barrier films from ALLVAC protect against external influences, secure during transport and convince at the point of sale
  • Reliable puncture resistance even for particularly sharp-edged objects
  • High degree of transparency impresses in product sales

Which type of bulk material do you intend to package? We look forward to advising you. Simply give us a call or write to us.