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Textiles packaged in ALLVAC barrier films remain clean and dry

Textiles are particularly susceptible to dirt and moisture during transport. Barrier film packaging from ALLVAC perfectly ensures that they reach their destination address hygienically, dry and clean. Thermoformed packaging made of PA/PE composite film guarantees that, for example, surgical gowns can be used immediately without any problems as well as surgical drapes, dressing materials or patient gowns meet the high hygiene standards of hospitals.

Textiles are transported over long distances

Outerwear, underwear and work clothes usually have to endure long transport routes from the production site to the point of sale. Barrier film packaging provides perfect protection against dirt and moisture for these textiles as well. This way, damage caused by water or climatic humidity can be prevented. This also applies to textiles used in sports where dry clothing is essential for survival, especially extreme sports such as mountaineering, long distance sailing or trekking tours through environments far away from civilization.

Sustainable packaging solutions for textiles

ALLVAC offers a wide range of films differing in thickness and composition. New in the range are barrier films made from renewable raw materials that meet and exceed the special requirements of textile packaging. They also fulfil the expectations of sensitive consumers with regard to ecological issues. The interaction between your textiles and our barrier films can be tested in our in-house laboratory and application technology centre. We also develop individual solutions in the event that the appropriate type of film for your application is not included in our wide range.

Performance overview:

  • ALLVAC barrier films protect efficiently against contamination and moisture
  • Textiles remain hygienically perfect, dry and clean
  • Surgical gowns are immediately safe to use
  • Hygiene standards of hospitals are being observed
  • Damage caused by water or climatically induced moisture is reliably prevented

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