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Thermoform packaging machine makes ALLVAC films tangible to customers

Prime quality barrier films are our passion. For our customers this does not remain an abstract statement, but can be experienced practically in our application technology centre. A state-of-the-art thermoforming packaging machine is the heart of our technical centre, on which we carry out test runs for our customers, but also for new products. The thermoform packaging machine demonstrates the excellent machinability of our films as well as their outstanding sealing properties. From sophisticated packaging for pointed or sharp-edged products, such as bones or screws, to test runs for sustainable films whose PA content consists of renewable raw materials – these and other questions receive an objective answer with our thermoforming packaging machine. The quality of our products does not remain a promise, but can be experienced.

Thermoform packaging machine creates confidence

The interaction of technology and know-how is of great benefit, as our laboratory is located next to the application technology centre, so that packaging produced on our thermoform packaging machine can be examined and tested. This creates confidence in our products but also in the packaging process. The film structure and sealing seams are examined under the microscope. Products stored on shelves, in the refrigerator or in the freezer are subjected to further practical tests. The interaction between product and film is also examined with regard to migration processes and shelf life. The application technology centre with its thermoform packaging machine and the laboratory thus offer optimal conditions to convince food manufacturers, but also packaging enterprises or mechanical engineers of the optimal interaction of our films with products and technology.

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