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AVB by ALLVAC offers a wide range of applications

The AVB is a special top film characterised by its excellent flatness, high degree of transparency, outstanding puncture resistance and seal strength in the hot tack state. The AVB can be processed both as top film and bottom film on flow pack machines and is also suitable for pasteurisation, due to its high level of temperature tolerance. It has a wide range of application. In addition to vacuum or MAP packaging in the food or non-food sector, they are also used as tray top films with antifogging properties. They also serve as ripening packs for cheese maturation as well as for cooking processes and microwave heating.

Features of AVB:

  • High quality
  • Medium and high barrier against oxygen and water vapour
  • Highly transparent
  • Excellent sealing properties
  • Hot Tack
  • Increased puncture resistance
AVB9 – 18 Layer PA/PE Blown film50 - 180my
AVBE9 - 18 Layer PA/PE Blown film with EVOH High barrier50 - 220my
AVBEF9 Layer PA/PE Blown film with EVOH High barrier and Antifog70my
AVBK9 Layer PA/PE Blown film, Cooking up to 100 °C80 - 170my
AVBHT (C)9 Layer PP/PA/PE Blown film, Sterilisation up to 121°C (tinted)Upon request
AVBR9 Layer PP/PA/PP Blown film, Sterilisation up to 121°CUpon request