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Multilayer tubular films from BREVAC

BREVAC produces multilayer blown film, which is distributed by ALLVAC and used by ALLFO, inter alia, for the manufacture of vacuum bags. Tubular films, manufactured without side seams, are an attractive and at the same time flexible packaging solution whose advantages are particularly evident in the length. BREVAC’s tubular films are particularly in demand in the food industry thanks to their excellent barrier properties. Both meat and cheese products can be packaged safely and attractively at the same time.

20 metre high melting tube

The production of barrier films from BREVAC takes place on state-of-the-art extruders on which the liquid plastics are blown upwards. For this purpose, the melt is pressed through a tool with an annular nozzle. This creates a melting tube, which can be up to 20 metres high, is inflated with air and then hardened again with cold air. The strong tubular film produced is then guided over a roller system and, if required, cut, wound up or further processed. In any case, this process is the oldest for foil production, which in this case also incorporates BREVAC’s decades of experience. The size to which the tube is inflated also defines the width and thickness of the film tube.

BREVAC films are extremely versatile

BREVAC produces films with up to eighteen layers, which are superimposed on each other by means of a blowing head. This results in the high barrier properties of the films. The films are produced for very different applications. Tinted films or variants with extraordinary mechanical strength or special gloss are part of BREVAC’s standard program.

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