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PET/PA/PE medium barrier composite film by ALLVAC for appealing packaging of dates

The flexible, coextruded PET/PA/PE medium barrier composite films offer a significant advantage: their captivating appearance. Our special, highly transparent polyamide-polyethylene film consisting of eleven layers convinces with a high-gloss polyester outer layer (PET). This film is the ideal solution to present dates, for example, seductively at the point of sale. Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) is a thermoplastic from the polyester family. PET offers a wide range of applications and can be processed quickly, due to its very good machine runability.

Individually designed PET/PA/PE medium barrier composite films

Our PET/PA/PE medium barrier composite films available in different thicknesses and widths can be applied as base films to meet various requirements. This enables us to ensure reliable and fast delivery. We will also be pleased to fulfill individual requests.

Carefully selected, high-quality raw materials from innovative, renowned suppliers and continuous improvements to film structure and production methods guarantee the success of our first-class film solutions.

ALLVAC offers entire process chain in-house

From development to extrusion and up to confection, the entire process chain takes place in-house so that we can guarantee maximum flexibility and speed. It goes without saying that our extensive selection of film types fulfils the hygiene directives of BRCGS. All our products are free from plasticizers. After having been manufacturers of films and vacuum bags for over 50 years, we know that the right packaging determines whether the customer reaches for your products. This is why you, as our client, place many different requirements on packaging materials. To meet these demands, we have specialised in producing high-performance composite films and also apply our entire expertise to the manufacture of PET/PA/PE medium barrier composite films.

Your advantages in an overview:

  • Optimal product presentation
  • High transparency
  • Outstanding puncture resistance
  • Very good machine runability for exceptional ease of processing
  • High barrier values
  • Optimum, constant product protection

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Product recommendation:

allflex UHG is highly transparent and exceptionally glossy

The allflex UHG is an Ultra-High-Gloss 11-layer PET/PA/PE Cast Coextrusion film and available in thicknesses of 200my, 250my, 300my and 350my. It is characterized by its extremely high level of transparency and an exceptional gloss. It is therefore the perfect packaging solution for spareribs. Its increased puncture resistance, unsurpassed formability and excellent sealing properties are particularly appreciated among our customers.

Advantages of allflex UHG in an overview:

  • Extremely high level of transparency and gloss
  • Improved formability
  • Increased puncture resistance
  • Excellent sealing properties