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AVS is a top or bottom film with best meat adhesion

The AVS is a 5-7 layer PA/PE/SURLYN® film used on thermoforming packaging machines as both top and bottom film. Integrated ionomers ensure excellent meat adhesion and optimum sealing properties, even if the sealing surface has been contaminated with water, blood, fat or product juices. The ionic crosslinks are reversible as they dissolve at usual processing temperatures and form again during the cooling phase. This type of film features both excellent recovery properties and meat adhesion and is therefore ideal for the production of cooked ham. Its temperature tolerance allows cooking processes above 76°C – even for up to 12 hours.


Features of AVS:

  • Excellent meat adhesion
  • Reduced jelly separation during cooking
  • Medium barrier against oxygen and water vapour
  • Extremely high transparency
  • Outstanding sealing properties, even with contaminated sealing surfaces
AVGTS7 Layer PA Special/PE/SURLYN® film230my
AVS5 - 7 Layer PA/PE/SURLYN® film80-300my
allflex ION11 Layer PA Special/PE/SURLYN® film100my, 230my